10 gift ideas for garden lovers

Christmas is approaching and there are so many gifts to give that it is not always easy to think of the right thought for everyone. If you want to give a gift to a friend who loves the garden, there are many beautiful and original ideas.

We present to you 10 gift ideas related to the garden and culture. These are pansies for those who like to grow or for those who could get started, but not necessarily in the garden: they can also be used on the balcony or in case of shooting everywhere.

The straw yarn revolution. A book that is a classic, the revolutionary thought of Fukuoka from which natural agriculture was born. Ideal for those who are not resigned to our consumer society. Read our full review.

The dryer. It can be used for many things: not only for mushrooms, herbs and medicinal plants, but for all vegetables. You can make your own vegetable cube, dry the leaves for infusions and herbal teas, and generally store leftover vegetables. The best dryer, in our opinion, is the Biosec, which dries evenly with the horizontal system. Ideal for those who love self-production and for those who always have leftover vegetables. You can find it here.

The seed box. An old-fashioned tin box to store your seeds, with dividers that allow you to organize them by month. Ideal for messy seed savers and/or urban gardeners with some flair. Here more details.

The children’s garden. A wonderful book that teaches how to cultivate with children, with lots of fun and educational activities. Ideal for families who want to experience the joy of growing up with their little ones. Read our review.

Maria Thun’s sowing calendar. A fundamental calendar with the lunar phases and all the indications of biodynamic agriculture. Ideal for biodynamic people and for those who don’t believe in the moon, so they can try to believe it.

The knee pads. It sounds trivial, but a good pair of knee pads are an awesome gift for anyone who loves gardening and gardening, they’re great for being able to bend down and pull weeds without doing too much penance. Ideal for those who are already of a certain age. You can find it in any sports store.

Hanging gardens . The right book for those who live in town and don’t even have a handkerchief. Ideal for those who never thought they could garden. Read our review.

The home. Sprouts are healthy and delicious, eaten in salads and easy to grow. The bud is a discreet, original and natural gift. Ideal for everyone. You will find great here.

Saffron on the stigmata of Vallescuria . This gift idea doesn’t have much to do with the garden, but it’s one of my agricultural projects that is close to my heart. I am a founding member of this agricultural society, born with the dream of doing social agriculture. We call ourselves “weapons returned to agriculture”. We take care of the saffron meticulously, we obtained it by picking the flowers at dawn and a spice with a unique aroma came out of it. Ideal for those who like to cook and eat well and for those who want to support youth agriculture. Check out what we do here: Vallescuria

The postcard with the seed. A very original card in ecological paper containing a small disc of pre-seeded peat, ready to grow a vegetable or a flower. Ideal for original and natural thinking and for cultivating a friendship.

Here are several gift ideas for Christmas classified by type

Inexpensive gift ideas: the postcard with the seed costs a few euros and is very original, while if you want to stick to the classic you can take packets of seeds of some rare varieties (I recommend organic seeds). Another really good idea is to give a gift certificate to a seed shop (many do), that way you can choose how much to spend and the recipient can choose what to grow.

Useful gift ideas: in addition to the knee pads, you can give any tool, but be careful that each horticulturist has his own grip, so you must know details such as the type of shovel that is preferred or the ideal length of the handle.

Stimulating gift ideas. Offering a dryer can be a wonderful idea, very useful for storing garden produce and making homemade vegetables and nuts, infusions or vegetable nuts. Another “important” gift idea could be a juice extractor, with which fruit or vegetables are juiced.

Give a book . In our garden library you will find many interesting texts, these are very popular gifts for garden lovers.

Gift ideas for those who have no land to cultivate . A book to make a garden on the balcony, a pot to grow or a sprout are very nice ideas for those who have a green thumb but who live in the city.

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