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Are they herbs and vegetables that grow in the shade? You want to create a garden but you are afraid of not having a sunny place? Got a spot out of direct sunlight and not sure if it’s suitable for a garden? Have you ever wondered what happens to your plants when you grow them there? If your answer is yes, keep reading!

This can become a concern for you if you like to grow your food but don’t have areas with direct sunlight, especially if you have trees and lots of other buildings around you.

However, the good news is that some vegetables and herbs grow well in less sunny areas. These plants are usually grown for their leaves or roots. Plants grown for their flowers or fruit like full sun, so it can be difficult to grow them in a shady spot.


There are two basic types of tones.

Full shade and partial shade.

  • Full shadow: a fully shaded location has no access to sunlight or glare from the sun, keeping in mind that all plants need a certain amount of sunlight to grow well. This place is not good for growing plants.
  • partial shade: Partial shade is a place that receives a few hours of sunlight (4 hours or less). This sunlight is usually the least harsh morning sun. Plants in a partially shaded area are usually protected from the sun during the day.

10 herbs and vegetables that grow in the shade

Here is a list of ten herbs and vegetables that grow well even when planted in the shade.

1. motto

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Mint is one of the best herbs that grows best in both shady and sunny locations. It is best to plant in a container before placing it in your garden. They spread quickly throughout the garden and can outshine other plants in your garden in no time. They are easier to grow from a transplant than from seed.

2. parsley

Parsley is a perennial herb that is often grown as an annual. It is one of the easiest herbs to grow in a shady spot. There are two types of parsley, flat and curly, although you cannot tell the difference between them. Parsley grows best in rich, moist soil, it can be grown from seed or transplanted.

3. Radish

Radish is one of the vegetables that is easy to grow in a shady place. Although radishes need about 6 hours of sun per day, they tolerate partial shade. They grow well in sandy and clay soils and also come in different sizes and colors. Radishes grow quickly, so the harvest is early and there is room for other plants.

4. peas

This is another plant that tolerates shady locations. Peas grow well in rich, moist soil and are best planted in containers. They can also be planted as companion plants for certain sun-loving plants such as tomatoes, corn, etc., but also for certain shade plants such as potatoes, turnips, etc.

5. Spinach

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Spinach is one of the most forgiving vegetables that grows well in shady places, likes cool weather and grows best in spring or fall, doesn’t do well in summer. They need about 2-3 hours of sunlight per day. Growing spinach in shady areas as the season heats up will protect it and help it last longer.

6. Thyme

Thyme is a perennial herb that tolerates shade although it likes full sun. They may do less well in a shady spot than in a sunny spot, but they retain their flavor. Thyme does not like wet soil, but rather dry soil.

7. Chives

Chives are a perennial bulbous plant like onions, garlic, etc., but with a milder flavor. They grow well in shade, although they won’t bloom as much as when planted in a sunny location they will retain their flavor and color. They are easy to grow from seed and can be planted from the nursery in the garden or in a container.

8. golden oregano

All other species of oregano like full sun and grow well there. However, golden oregano is a shade-loving plant because it can burn if exposed to direct sunlight.

9. Cabbage

10 herbs and vegetables that grow well in the shade

Cabbage, a member of the Brassica family, is an annual plant that grows well in partial shade. Due to a lot of sun, it dries quickly. Although it is a cool season crop, cold spring weather will damage it.

10 dragons

Tarragon is a perennial herb, known for its fragrance and culinary uses, it can be grown by transplanting cuttings or grown from seed, tarragon is a perfect herb for partial shade and can be used fresh or dried.


Growing your vegetables and herbs just got easier with these plants! Many other vegetables grow well in partial shade. However, each vegetable or herb has its own maintenance routine and soil preference. It is essential that you do not generalize or grow plants that have different care routines, this can cause you to waste more time and be frustrated.

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