10 perennial flowering vines for pots and gardens

White jasmine is a perennial flowering vine

What are the perennial flowering vines that can be kept in pots? And in the garden? It is interesting to know their names, because it allows us to know more about them. And it is that these plants are an ideal option to cover pergolas, trellises or walls, thus making the place prettier, greener and more welcoming.

Also you should know that there are several species that meet these two characteristics, that is, they are evergreen and produce beautiful flowersso it may be a little difficult for you to decide on just one: they are all beautiful!


Perennial Flowering Vines for Pots

If you don’t have a garden, and/or if you want to have one in a pot, what better than to choose one of the five that we are going to show you below:

Lamps (Aristolochia elegans)

Aristolochia is an evergreen vine

The creeper known as oil lamps or footlights, is a perennial herbaceous plant that reaches a height of 10 meters. Its stems are thin and heart-shaped green leaves grow from it. The flowers are purple with white veins and are about 10 centimeters wide.. These appear from spring to fall. It does not support cold, only up to 5ºC, so if it does in your area you will have to protect it, for example, by putting it indoors.

dipladenia (Mandevilla sanderi)

Dipladenia is an evergreen vine that reaches a height of about 6 meters. It has green leaves and blooms in summer, producing pink, red or yellow flowers. Its growth rate is quite fast, but keep in mind that it is very sensitive to cold, so if the temperature drops below 10°C in your area, you will need to protect it indoors.

Passion flower (passionflower)

Passionflower is a flowering climber

About 300 different species of passionflowers have been described, such as the passionflower caeruleawhich is the one that best resists the cold (down to -7ºC), or the passionflower edulis much better known as passion fruit. Regardless of variety, these plants are perennial climbers that produce very pretty white, blue or red flowers in spring. In addition, they grow very quickly and can be grown in pots.

morning glory (Ipomoea violacea)

Morning glory is a flowering perennial vine

The plant known as morning glory is a fast growing herbaceous vine that reaches a height of 4 meters. It produces many flowers about 4 centimeters wide, lilac-bluish in summer.. The problem is that it does not bear much cold, so in temperate regions it is usually cultivated as an annual; however, when it is in an area with mild winters, with frosts but very weak (down to -2°C) and punctual, it suffers but it regrows strongly in spring.

common jasmine (Jasmine officinale)

Jasmine is a climbing plant with white flowers

Image – Wikimedia/CT Johansson

The common jasmine is an evergreen vine that can reach up to 6 meters in height if supported. Its flowers are white and gather in clusters at the end of the stems throughout the spring. It grows quite fast, more or less at a rate of 30 centimeters per year. It is a plant that lives well in pots, and tolerates cold well. But yes, if there is frost it will have to be protected with an anti-frost cloth or inside.

Perennial Flowering Vines for the Garden

And now let’s see which ones are better to have in the garden, i.e. which ones are too big to be in a container:

Bignone white (pandora jasminoid)

Pandorea is a flowering perennial vine

The white bignonia or pandorea is a liana with woody stems that reaches a height of 5 to 6 meters. Its leaves are pinnate and it flowers from summer to fall. Its bell-shaped flowers are pale pink with a darker pink center., almost red. Unfortunately, it does not support temperatures below 5°C.

winter bignony (Pyrostegia venusta)

The winter bignonia is a climber with orange flowers

Image – Wikimedia/Alejandro Bayer Tamayo

Winter bignonia is a flowering perennial climber with woody stems that reaches a height of up to 6 meters. The leaves are trifoliate and have a glabrous upper side and a hairy underside. It is a plant that blooms from fall to late winter. Its flowers are tube-shaped and orange.. Does not support frost.

Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea)

Bougainvillea is an evergreen climber

There are several types of bougainvillea, but all are perennial climbers that reach a height of up to 12 meters. They have green leaves on both sides, and in spring and summer they produce white, lilac, orange or red flowers, grouped in inflorescences at the end of the stems. They live very well in tropical and subtropical climates; however, when they are in an area where the temperature drops below 10 ºC, they lose their leaves; and if it falls below -2°C, they can die if not protected.

Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

Star jasmine is frost resistant

Image – Wikimedia/Luca Camellini

Star jasmine is a perennial climbing plant that reaches a height of 7 to 10 meters. It blooms in the spring, and it does so by producing white flowers very similar to those of true jasmine.; in fact, they are also fragrant. But unlike jasmine, it resists the cold much better, being able to withstand frosts down to -5°C.

Trumpets (solandra maxima)

Solandra is a perennial flowering vine.

Image – Wikimedia/Hedwig Storch

The so-called trumpet climber is a vigorous plant with sturdy stems that can reach more than 30 meters. It has large, green, oval leaves. Whether the climate is tropical, subtropical or hot, it flowers most of the year; otherwise, it will only do so in spring and/or summer. The flowers are trumpet-shaped, yellow and about 20 centimeters wide.. It resists down to -3ºC as long as it comes to occasional frosts.

Which of these perennial flowering vines did you like the most?

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