10 types of caladium: the most beautiful

There are several types of caladium

Are you one of those who likes to see plants with colorful leaves? You are not the only one! Some are so beautiful that it is hard to ignore them. One of them is the caladium. There are so many varieties, and especially cultivars, that it is nice to see them.

But for me the best thing, apart from their beauty, is that the care they need is very basic. It’s not that they are very easy to care for, as they need high temperatures and high humidity, but with a little patience you can enjoy several types of caladium at home. Now well, which are the prettiest?

It’s very subjective, because for example I really like plants that have flecks or patterns of white on green, but you might prefer those that are red. For this reason, Instead of showing you the most beautiful ones – what they are -, we are going to see the most popular ones:


two-tone caladium

Caladium bicolor is a tropical grass

Image – Flickr/Scamperdale

The two-tone caladium It is the species from which the thousand cultivars that exist come from, of which 9 that we are going to see here. It is known by different names, such as caladium, painter’s palette, queen’s mantle, or mantle. It is native to the Amazon region and it is a tuberous plant that reaches an approximate height of about 40 centimeters when fully grown.. Its leaves have the shape of arrows and can be of very different colors: green, white, red or pink.

Caladium ‘Desert Sunset’

There are many types of red leaf caladiums

Image – classiccaladiums.fr

The “Desert Sunset” it is a plant that has red leaves, the veins being a much darker red. It’s really curious, and that’s why it’s fascinating. It grows up to 35 centimeters in height, and is the typical type that can be kept in narrow pots, although I recommend checking every few years to see if the roots are coming out of the drainage holes, because if it’s If so, they will appreciate a change.

Caladium ‘Florida Moonlight’

Caladiums can have white leaves

The “Florida Moonlight” It is a plant whose leaves have the particularity of having very little chlorophyll: only the veins have it. The rest is completely white. This makes it a particularly delicate cultivar, since it needs a lot of light, just like the rest of the varieties, but you have to be very careful with the light reflections, because if it hits it even this way, or from the side, it will will burn with much faster.

Caladium ‘Gingerland’

Gingerland caladium is multicolored

Image – Flickr/PINKE

The “Gingerland” It is a cultivar with whitish leaves with green margins and pink veins.. Without a doubt it is very pretty, a plant that attracts a lot of attention, and if you allow me some advice, it would be very interesting to have it at the entrance of the house, for example, as long as there was plenty of light, of course. So, as soon as you enter, you can enjoy its beauty.

Caladium ‘Miss Muffet’

Caladium is an exotic plant

Image – gipsygarden.com (screenshot)

‘Miss Muffet’ is said to have the most beautiful leaves in the world. There are plenty of reasons. They are yellow-green, with reddish-pink nerves, and also have small spots of this color all over the surface.. It is divine. In addition, it does not grow much, about 40-60 centimeters in height, so it is very interesting to have it on wide furniture.

Caladium ‘Party Punch’

The red caladium is small

Image – nola.com

‘Party Punch’ is a most curious cultivar: has green leaf edges, but a reddish-pink center with white or discolored spots. It measures about 30 centimeters high by 35-40 centimeters wide when it reaches adulthood, so it may need a medium pot, about 20 centimeters in diameter.

Caladium ‘Peppermint’

There are different types of caladiums, white and red

Image – floraccess.com

‘Peppermint’ is a cultivar that develops white leaves with red spots and also has green edges. This is an amazing variety, which will look great in a room, for example, in the living room, on a small table. It doesn’t grow much, so you’ll probably only have to change its pot a few times throughout its life.

Caladium ‘Red Flash’

The red caladium is bicolor

Image – Wikimedia/James St. John

‘Red Flash’ is a beautiful cultivar. It has dark green leaf edges, but the rest of the leaf blade is dark red, showcasing the veins, which are a little lighter.. As if that weren’t enough, he also has a few small white spots between those nerves. Sure, it may look like an artificial plant, but luckily it’s natural. A vegetal jewel that will be beautiful wherever you put it.

Caladium ‘Strawberry Star’

The pink caladium has green nerves

Image – carousell.com.my

‘Strawberry Star’ is very similar to ‘Florida Moonlight’; that is, it has white leaves with green nerves. But unlike the latter, his nerves have a lot more chlorophyll, so they stick out more. Likewise, also has reddish-pink spotshence the name strawberrieswhich means in english strawberry.

Caladium ‘White Queen’

Caladium 'White Pink' is a small plant

Image – Flickr/☼☼Happy 4th grade everyone!☼☼

The White Queen it has whitish leaves with intense pink veins, as well as the green borders. It reaches about 30 to 40 centimeters in height for more or less the same width. It grows at a good pace, like the rest of the caladiums, so in a few weeks you can have a very nice specimen.

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