7 Quick Strawberry Tasks for Big Summer Harvests

Warmer days are beginning in the northern hemisphere and it’s time to start preparing the garden for the growing season. Strawberry plants that have gone through the winter look scruffy, with dry, brown, crispy leaves. Today we are going to learn 7 tasks that we must do in the spring to have a good harvest of strawberries in the summer.

strawberry cultivation care


Remove old mulch

Padding or mulch is good for us to protect strawberries in fall and winter, but it is best when a new season starts to remove the old one and place a new one because when it rots it can generate fungus and disease. It’s time for plants to get some much-needed sun and fresh air. Sometimes it can happen that late frosts come and strawberries that have already bloomed lose their flowers. This is called strawberry black eye and it is that a black dot is observed in the middle of the flower. These flowers will no longer produce strawberries so if that happens, they will have to be removed.

Cut out the dead parts

To promote the germination of new leaves, it is advisable to prune old leaves and dry stolons (long sticks that come out of the strawberry). Leaves that are ugly but still have green, you can leave them and remove them later when there are no more green leaves. It is important to be meticulous and not to cut the new shoots as this will cause serious damage to the plant.

Removing old leaves is an advantage as they can generate fungus and we also leave room for new ones to grow.

spring fertilizer

Strawberries planted the year before are given a potassium-rich fertilizer like banana tea or comfrey purine in liquid form, which is best because they can get nutrients right away. On the other hand, if we plant new strawberries, they will not give us so much fruit the first time because they need hours of cold for better production, we can provide long-term fertilizers such as humus earthworms, chicken manure, manure, coffee grounds…

cannabis control

It is important to control weeds in the cultivation of strawberries because they take away the nutrients they need to produce fruit. The earlier they are removed, the better, as they have fewer roots and will be easier to extract.

Replace old plants

Strawberries produce a large amount of fruit during the first 3 or 4 years, so it is advisable to replace them because we find that they do not produce as much. To know which ones we have replanted, we can make a drawing with the position of each strawberry in order to remember them next year. Spring is the best time to do this step.

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Get strawberries at a low price

In many places, strawberries have a very high cost that we usually cannot afford. If you are going to start your strawberry crop and you do not have any plants yet, you can 3 or 4 plants because the advantage of strawberries is that at the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn begins the time to emit runners, which is a method they have to reproduce and which consists of throwing long twigs where new plants emerge. If you already have strawberries from other years, the replacement of old plants will be free.

Complementary planting

Associating strawberries with other plants that have flowers is something very positive for them because they will attract pollinators who will fertilize the strawberry flowers, making them more productive. Some plants that grow well with strawberries are borage, catnip, yarrow, sage, and thyme. Beneficial insects will also come in to keep the plants free from pests.

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