A good clipper from Fiskars

In the garden, there are always a few branches to cut: bushes to prune, prune, overgrown hedges. Where shears and shears don’t go, the perfect tool is the pruner.

It is the most powerful manual cutting tool, capable of cutting woody branches with a diameter of a few centimeters. To properly maintain garden plants, it is advisable to cut cleanly and precisely, which avoids the woody parts of the plant, so the leaves are essential.

The pruner, unlike conventional scissors, has short blades and long handles to take advantage of the leverage effect and maximize the force applied by the cutter. The blade can be curved to work better on the branch.

To choose a good tool, you must be able to assess:

  • The weight. The lighter it is, the less work there will be.

  • To obligate . The mower is under great stress when cutting and if a good tool is not chosen, it can break quickly.
  • The blades. It is essential that they are sharp and that they slide well.

  • The team. The cutting motion can reduce fatigue and enable cutting of larger diameter branches.

  • Ergonomics. The comfort of the handle is important to be able to work better.

Fiskars Power Gear Loppers

Fiskars in the PowerGear range offers different sizes of cutters, united by the quality of materials and gears. The mechanism of these tools makes it possible to triple the cutting power, considerably reducing fatigue.

PowerGear pruners are available in two variants, each designed specifically for a purpose: the anvil mechanism is designed for hard, dry wood, while the Bypass system is particularly suitable for pruning green branches and fresh wood. Fiskars blades are made from hardened carbon steel and stay sharp for a long time, while the PTFE (synthetic fluoropolymer) coating reduces friction making it easier to move and clean. Fiskars PowerGear secateurs cut branches up to 5 cm in diameter and are a great help in the most demanding pruning operations.

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