Albero di natale modern – Tips for my vegetable garden


Modern wooden Christmas tree

With the arrival of Christmas, the old dilemma concerning the choice of the essential Christmas tree resurfaces. And more and more, we try to opt for the cheapest or the most ecological solution. There are many possibilities to create a modern and whimsical Christmas tree, all perfect for those who want to respect the environment or those who are tired of the same old tree with red and gold baubles and lights. Among the materials most used for this purpose, wood is undoubtedly the most frequent choice: and while there are many options on the market, the network offers many playful and refined ideas. The most popular are fir trees made with chimney sticks, strips or wooden sticks, perfect for those who love an elegant and minimalist style.

Modern Paper Christmas Tree

And always in the name of eco-sustainability, extravagance and simplicity, there are many absolutely original ideas for making a modern Christmas tree out of paper or cardboard. Among the many options, the Christmas tree made from books is particularly refined and playful: in the simplest version, all you have to do is overlap the volumes to create a cone which will then be embellished with colored lights. Christmas trees made from recycled paper or cardboard are also minimalist, eco-friendly and refined. And among these, very original, the Christmas tree made with rolls of toilet paper, with cone-shaped pastry cups stacked on top of each other or with sheets of paper rolled up into small cones that are then hung up as if they were fir branches. .a wooden stick.

Modern Shabby Chic Christmas Tree

Extraordinarily refined mix between the rustic and cozy style of the English country house and the modern and extravagant touch of the Californian villas, even the shabby chic style (that is to say the carefree elegant style), more and more appreciated in Italy, can be perfect for making an absolutely original Christmas tree, which goes perfectly with modern furniture. Among the many proposals of the network, the tree is redone with wooden branches arranged in a spiral and covered with artificial snow and cotton balls. Or cardboard trees rolled into a cone shape and again sprinkled with cotton balls or topped with a white star tip are perfect for decorating the house.

But there are still endless possibilities to enjoy decorating your home in absolutely new and amazing ways, without spending a fortune. Very original is the modern Christmas tree made by hanging on the wall the only colored lights, the only balls or other objects in wood or in Christmas colors in the shape of a fir tree, or made by superimposing many cushions or glass or plastic bottles to reproduce a real and clean tree. Smaller and ideal for display on a table or library shelf, these are cone-shaped cardboard trees topped with strawberries, cabbage flowers, or green yarn. Finally, Christmas trees made of fabric, felt or quilted fabric are trendy and inexpensive.

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