Bean root rot and bean stalk

A reader asks me for an explanation of the root rot he has found in the green bean plants in his garden, unfortunately this is a difficult disease to treat organically, we will go into more detail next…


root rot

Root rot is a problem that begins in the roots of the bean plant, due to a fungal infestation that causes the plant to rot from its root system. The disease often manifests in the neck, which is the part of the plant closest to the ground, as the roots kill the plant, cut off its food or cause the stem and leaves to rot later.

Symptoms. Symptoms of bean root rot can be stunted growth or leaf damage, being a fungal disease that begins underground it is unfortunately difficult to detect easily.

The causes. The cause of putrefaction is a fungus, usually Armillaria mellea, its proliferation is above all favored by excess soil moisture which, when it stagnates, gives rise to cryptogamic diseases. Orchards with heavy, clay soils are particularly affected.

prevention and care

Being caused by standing water, it is prevented by aerating the soil and ensuring that it drains well. We must also avoid overwatering our beans, preferring short and frequent watering.

remedies . In organic farming, there are no products that can cure bean root rot. Copper can be used to insulate decaying plant parts, while sulfur products can be used to heal the soil. However, being an infection that develops from the basement, it is difficult to identify and treat the healthy parts. The care that must be taken is to prevent the spread of the disease by removing the affected plants and the soil around their roots in time. Soil affected by rot should be left undisturbed or properly disinfected.

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