Cast iron fountain – Tips for my garden


Characteristics of a cast iron fountain

Cast iron fountains are particularly popular with garden owners as they are made from an extremely durable and inexpensive material. These types of fountains can last a long time and withstand even the worst weather conditions without any particular problems. In addition, they do not require complex maintenance, except for normal cleaning and some oxidation treatments that will be carried out occasionally. Cast iron is a material of ancient origin, cheap and easy to work. This means that the cost of cast iron fountains.It’s still quite cheap, so choosing these fountains can be a good solution for decorating a garden even if you don’t have big budgets to spend. The color of these fountains can be that of natural cast iron, i.e. a dark gray, or they can be painted in harmony with the rest of the decoration of the garden.

cast iron wall fountain

the cast iron fountainson the wall are, as can be guessed from their name, fountains that should be installed in contact with a wall adjacent to the garden. The external appearance of these sources can be simple or very elaborate. In the simplest case, they consist of a single piece of cast iron which includes the water tap and a sink. Generally, the sink is round in shape while the fittings are of the classic type, without particular decorations. Smaller and lighter wall fountain models are fairly simple to assemble, while heavier fountains may require a little extra work to install properly. These fountains can take on more intricate, antique-style shapes, making them suitable for the finest gardens. For example,

cast iron column fountain

Cast iron column fountains are particularly popular as drinking fountains in cities or public parks, but can also be successfully used in private gardens. They are extremely practical fountains because they can be mounted practically anywhere in the garden, but at the same time they are resistant and able to last a long time without suffering damage. Column fountain taps are usually made of brass, another very durable material, although it should be cleaned regularly as it tends to rust. In the case of public gardens, the tap may be missing, water constantly flows from the fountain throughout the day, and it may be replaced by picturesque decoration. For example, in the parks of Turin, the griffin is replaced by the head of a bull, the symbolic animal of the city.

the price of one cast iron fountain This varies depending on several factors, including the type of model we intend to wear and its size, but beyond that there is another important factor to consider. In fact, the biggest difference in price is in the method of making the font. If we want to save money on the purchase, the best thing to do is to buy our cast iron fountain from a garden store. Here we can find mass-produced fonts at affordable prices, but not for that reason low quality. Some models even cost less than 150 euros. Or we can contact a craftsman to obtain a unique and exclusive cast, personalized according to our needs. In this case, the price becomes much higher.

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