celery salad

Celeriac is a vegetable with a flavor very similar to that of celeriac but with a meatier and firmer texture, and it can be eaten cooked or raw. At Orto Da Coltivare we have already written how to grow it, but today we give you some ideas on how to put it on the table. We offer it to you in a very simple way: a fresh and colorful salad, perfect as a main course and as a light starter.

Celeriac, carrots, olives and smoked salmon seasoned with a tasty emulsion of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce. The presence of vegetables and fish makes this salad an excellent second course, ideal for those who want to eat with pleasure and lightness. Alternatively, prepared in small doses, it can be served by the glass as a tasty aperitif.

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