Chrysanthemums: sun or shade?

Chrysanthemum is a herbaceous plant

The chrysanthemum is a grass with beautiful flowers, so much so that they are usually kept almost as much on the balcony or terrace as indoors. It grows very quickly because its lifespan is short. In fact, after a few years, it dries out. Therefore, in order to keep it as long as possible, it is important to know where to put it.

And it is that although its flowers need a lot of light to open and remain beautiful, we must ask ourselves whether the chrysanthemums are in the sun or in the shadesince it will largely depend on them whether they are in good health.


sun and flowers

The chrysanthemum needs light to flourish.

The vast majority of plants that produce flowers, that is, those we call angiosperms, including chrysanthemums, are plants that evolved to attract insects that ended up being pollinators. Scientists still don’t know if plants adapted to insects or if it was the other way around; but what is clear is that the evolution of one and the other was almost parallelsince the two types of living beings are related to each other, dependent on each other.

And it is that, on the one hand, flowers need these insects to produce fruit and seeds; and animals need pollen and/or nectar for food. But there is something else: both need light to live: some plants, such as sunflowers, can only grow if the sun hits them fully during the day; On the other hand, others, like calatheas or monsteras, can only flower if they are in an area where, yes, there is light, but they are not directly exposed to the sun.

And the chrysanthemums? Our chrysanthemums are like calatheas, monsteras and others: they need lots and lots of lightbut the direct sun burns them.

Chrysanthemums: do they hold up in the sun or in the shade?

If we want our chrysanthemums to bloom and grow well, you have to put them in a place where there is a lot of light, but not direct. As we have just mentioned, the direct sun, especially in summer, burns the flowers and also the leaves, so it should be avoided to place it in a sunny place.

Now well, if you want to grow them indoors, in addition to putting them in a room where there is light, keep them away from draftssuch as those generated by the fan or the air conditioning, because otherwise it would dry out, its leaves would begin to turn brown and the flowers would close before their time.

How many times a year do chrysanthemums bloom?

The chrysanthemum is a small plant

these plants blooms in summer and late fall. The flowers usually stay open for 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how well they are cared for and where they are placed. So if they are watered and fertilized frequently enough, and the temperatures are mild, chances are you can enjoy them for more than a month.

Anyway, for it to be so, It is important that you keep in mind that they need light and moderate watering, avoiding excess water.. If they must always be in pots, they must have holes in their base and they must also be filled with universal substrate, such as Flower or BioBizz.

Why don’t chrysanthemums bloom?

When chrysanthemums stop blooming, we need to find the cause to take appropriate action. Let’s see why they no longer produce their flowers:

  • It’s not the moment: remember that chrysanthemums bloom in summer and autumn. If we are in another season of the year, it is normal that they do not bloom.
  • They are young: although they grow quickly and usually flower the first year after planting, they may not have reached maturity by the arrival of summer. This can happen either because the pot is too small or because they lack fertilizer.
  • they need light: Chrysanthemums do not bloom in dark places. Therefore, they should be placed in places where there is light, but not direct.
  • the pot is small: yes, it’s true, chrysanthemums are relatively small plants -in fact, depending on the variety, their maximum height is between 30 centimeters and one meter- and they can be in not very large pots, but it is important that if they grow roots or grow very close to the holes, plant them in a container about 5 to 7 centimeters larger so that they can continue to grow. More information.
  • They need subscribers: when you want them to flower, it is strongly recommended to fertilize them with an organic fertilizer for flowering plants like this one all year round except in winter. If we follow the manufacturer’s instructions, they will surely bloom again.

The chrysanthemum is a plant that flowers in summer

We hope these tips will help you enjoy your chrysanthemums again.

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