church wedding decorations


Flowers, silent witnesses of an event

Flowers are silent elements of nature. They express themselves through shapes and colors. Flowers have their own secret language. In the past, it allowed to talk about deep feelings of love, friendship, passion. Today, communication is freer. Talking to flowers, however, is still a romantic way of expressing yourself. By virtue of this characteristic, even church wedding decorations represent a style. The personal taste of the spouses is expressed through the choice of such an important detail. The wedding is sumptuous with lilies, orchids, roses, lisianthus pompously arranged in magnificent decorations. A happier wedding sees the church decorated with gerberas, daisies, wildflowers and jasmine. The starting point is the place where the wedding ceremony takes place.

Wedding event in an old church

Cathedrals are private Romanesque churches. The environment is a bit dark because the tall windows cannot be properly lit. The ceremony and the souvenir photos are suggestive, but the historic site of great architectural value should be illuminated with brightly colored flowers. Pink, yellow, orange and white add a touch of light to the environment. Floral varieties can range from roses, lilies, orchids, irises, lisianthus. They are classic flowers ideal for decorating church weddings in style. A long carpet reaching the cemetery from the altar correctly completes the configuration. If the distance between the benches allows, low or high compositions will be placed on pedestals along the path taken by the bride.

Wedding decorations in early Christian churches

Early Christian churches are characterized by essential forms and the element of light. They have centuries of Christian history behind them, born at the dawn of Christianity. The decorations are present but do not weigh down the environment. The interior space is immediately noticeable. The decoration of the wedding in the church, in this case, if you want to be in harmony with the architecture, should be simple. The use of flowers such as sunflowers, gerberas, lisianthus and daisies is recommended. Loading your eyesight with overly showy flowers could backfire. Light colors such as white, yellow and pink are the most suitable. Red, blue and bright colors would be risky. In any case, it is good to have the advice of a florist who will be able to give the advice adapted to the case, according to his experience.

For lovers of nature and simplicity, rural churches are made for them. The greenery and silence that characterize these sites make the ceremony special. Suggestive environment that will allow the couple to isolate themselves from the noise of the city and the chaos. Depending on the choice, even country church wedding decorations should be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Compositions should be made of natural materials and freshly picked flowers from the fields. Daisies, gerberas, sunflowers interspersed with greenery will add just the right amount of style to simplicity. The rule of any decoration is to use seasonal flowers. Why make flowers bloom artificially? when each season brings beautiful varieties? However, tastes are personal and everyone expresses them on the occasion of such an important event.

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