Cracks in tomato

a reader asks me why all their tomatoes have cracks in the skin . The cracks are white and run along the fruit, like the line of tennis balls.

The cracks are only an aesthetic problem, however, the fruit is eaten without any problem. However, if they are too deep, they can cause rotting, so it is best to immediately pick the damaged fruits and eat them. In any case, let’s see how we can prevent the problem in our organic garden.


Cause of the split

The most likely cause of this fruit problem is excess water. . It is therefore not a disease of the tomato plant but rather a physiopathy, that is to say a nuisance caused by conditions external to the plant during the ripening process. The imbalance that creates a break in the tomato is usually excessive soil moisture, especially if it is sudden. Heavy rains during ripening or too frequent and abundant watering during hot spells can split tomatoes in this way.

How to prevent fruit cracking

This problem can be avoided with a correct cultivation of the tomato: work the soil well so that it drains the water deeply and wet it 2 to 3 times a week maximum without ever overdoing the amount of water.

Another possible cause of fruit splitting is a severe hot/cold weather excursion. which can be avoided by shading the tomatoes with a net during the hottest hours.

to exist tomato varieties more or less susceptible to this problem if you have a lot of difficulty try changing the type of tomato that grows in your garden… You should always look for the cultivar that best adapts to the climate and soil where we grow and stubbornness in the type of tomato does not always give good results.

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