Defend leeks against disease

the leek is certainly one of the most productive vegetables, because takes up little space in the garden and generates a good yield . Practically the whole plant is eaten, except the roots and the upper part of the leaves, when these are hard or compromised by certain diseases, so it is a vegetable with very little waste.

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leek diseases subject of this article, can be one of the factors that most reduce culture it is therefore useful to learn how to prevent them early and to recognize the most common symptoms in order to intervene appropriately.

In the garden you can have leeks almost all year round , and it is useful to plant new ones often to delay the product, but cultivation is not without some difficulties, only in terms of diseases and pests. Fortunately, even in the organic garden, preventive techniques and products with low environmental impact come to our rescue for an eco-defense consistent with the organic farming method.

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