Echo Hedge Trimmer HCR-1501

If you are looking for a good hedge trimmer with good power, you should take a look at the Eco HCR-1501 model. It is a double blade hedge trimmer with a practical rotating handle, to ensure good maneuverability of the machine during the cut, obtaining professional results.

The engine is a 21.2 cc Euro 2, designed to reduce emissions and is therefore a low-emission machine with excellent performance in terms of fuel consumption. The motor is also fairly quiet, a valuable feature for those who find themselves trimming large hedges and using it for a few hours at a time.

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Like all Echo machines, this hedge trimmer is covered by a warranty that can be extended up to 5 years for the private individual and up to two years for the professional gardener. The extended warranty is activated at the time of purchase from the Echo dealer, by performing proper maintenance with annual point-of-sale reviews.

The engine of the HCR-1501 Eco hedge trimmer is guaranteed for 300 hours of continuous work without maintenance. It is therefore a garden tool that has excellent guarantees.

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