evergreen trees – Tips for my garden


Evergreen trees in the garden

When designing an ornamental garden, the aim is to achieve chromatic effects that also evoke the flowering of plants at different times of the year. Although they tend to have colorful inflorescences, evergreens don’t provide particularly attractive scenery in the colder months, so if you prefer to have a colorful garden for at least a good part of the year , it will be necessary to cultivate different species at the same time, taking into account the weather conditions, the type of soil and the space available. In most home gardens there is not enough space to plant many ornamental trees, so the choice of trees to plant should be carefully considered based on their mature size.

broad leaf trees

Broadleaf trees develop broad deciduous leaves and have compact rounded crowns that are especially decorative. They generally grow faster than conifers and produce good quality wood that is also used industrially. Hardwoods are, among others, linden, holm oak and oak, very common in the Mediterranean scrub, capable of exceeding thirty meters in height and developing foliage more than ten meters in diameter. There are trees of different shapes and sizes capable of blending in perfectly with any environment, but not everyone can have enough space in their garden. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the types of trees you want to grow and consider many factors including positioning.

Evergreen classes

Evergreen trees include hardwoods and conifers. The former are found mainly in climatic zones characterized by low seasonality, thanks to which growth and photosynthesis take place throughout the year. The latter, on the other hand, are typical of regions with a more temperate climate where the growing season is limited to shorter periods. The evergreen treesBroadleaf trees, also called broadleaf trees, are actually native to tropical and subtropical areas of the planet. The climatic zone characterized by the Mediterranean maquis or in which our country is located allows many species of deciduous trees, originating in the jungles, to acclimatize and survive perfectly where the territory has characteristics similar to those found in their places of origin. ‘origin.

Today, it is possible to purchase deciduous evergreen trees of various shapes and sizes and capable of enhancing any type of ornamental garden. Among the most decorative specimens, it is worth mentioning: the Magnolia Grandiflora with its majestic posture derived from a compact crown formed by intensely colored foliage, an extremely robust trunk and magnificent ivory-white inflorescences. The rhododendron, ornamental tree whose flowering offers, during most of the year, spectacular chromatic effects. The oleander, a modest-sized and very decorative tree due to its characteristics and its exuberant flowering. Eucalyptus, a large semi-hardy tree, equally decorative, with a very large crown made up of leaves that give off a resinous smell.

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