Flower of Beauty and the Beast: history, origin and meaning

beauty and the beast flower

For people who love Disney, give beauty and the beast flower This can be one of the best wise choices. This flower has its own history, origin and characteristics. There are a lot of people who are unaware of this whole story and anyone worth their salt will appreciate this type of gift much more.

In this article we will tell you what is the origin, history and meaning of the flower of Beauty and the Beast.


beauty and the beast flower

beauty and the beast flower meaning

It should be noted that the origins of the flower in Beauty and the Beast predate the Disney films. In any case, it goes back to the French writer Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villenueve, who wrote this classic tale in 1740. The story quickly became a favorite among children of the time. But you have to take into account the history of the flower to understand its meaning:

When you think of a Beauty and the Beast story, you think of a romance. Here lives in a big house a young man of a well-known family who, one stormy night, did not sleep with an old woman. Everything is judged by the appearance of the old lady.

This seemingly helpless old lady ends up being a witch who decides to judge young people on their looks. This is why the witch, to complete his revenge, he transformed the young man into a terrifying-looking beast.

To break the spell, the young man must find true love at 21, so that he understands how difficult it is to be despised just for his appearance. The curse was tied to a rose in the glass dome, from where its petals fell and disappeared.

As the young man approaches 21, the flower is more dead than alive. Luckily, Bella fell in love with the animal and when that happened, she regained her former self. It is at this moment that the enchanting rose regains its beauty as if it had just been cut.

It is a very beautiful story and gives a lot of meaning to a rose in a glass urn, making it a must-have preserved rose in your gift.

What does this flower symbolize and what does it mean

beauty and the Beast

It should be noted that the rose in Beauty and the Beast is used to represent docile and beautiful love. Pure love that represents the beauty of life, produces a sweet feeling and is a symbol of eternal love. For this reason, the flower is very common among couples as a fairly common gift to express their affection for each other.

In Beauty and the Beast, a shopkeeper stopped to pick a rose in the garden on his way home. They gave it to the girls as a gift, but the castle owner realized what the man had done and immediately put him in jail.

To free the merchant, the Beast decides to stay with Belle and take her to his castle. During his time there, Beast’s heart softened and he allowed Belle to take care of his father. The story had a very happy ending as they lived happily ever after, all thanks to the magic of the rose. This is why beautiful roses are widely used to make special gifts for loved ones.

Why send the Beauty and the Beast flower

significance of the rose

You can buy the flower from Beauty and the Beast as a space gift for someone very important in your heart. It is an eternal and very resistant rose, which makes it a gift that will remain intact over time. For a better gift, you must make sure it is an immortal flower and the dome is of the best quality to protect it.

It’s a replica of that rose that will retain its beauty over time and remember the promise of love you made to someone special. Besides, with the freeze-drying process, this rose will look fresh even after many years.

When you go to our florist to buy this flower, you must remember that it requires very little maintenance. You should not expose it to direct sunlight and protect it from ambient humidity. You can get great results if you keep it in a dry place out of direct sunlight and it will always keep its fresh look.

Who can you give the Beauty and the Beast flower to?

It’s a special gift that we already know symbolizes eternal love, making it the perfect gift:

  • Your bride: It means that you are happy to share your future life with her. It is always recommended to attach a love letter.
  • Your spouse: When you want to congratulate her on a special day or remind her how much you love her. It can be combined with other kinds of gifts to show your love for her.
  • Daughter: For your daughter’s birthday, it would be the perfect gift to express your family’s true love and happiness. It can complement other accessories from the same Disney movie and you will surely surprise her.
  • Sisters: For a special event or a birthday, it is always the ideal gift, provided it is accompanied by a personal congratulation.

These crystal roses will adapt perfectly to any situation and will bring a beautiful smile to the people you give them.


This flower is always used to symbolize true love. If the Beast doesn’t find true love by his 21st birthday, he’ll still be a monster. Therefore, its meaning is quite significant and is closely related to true love.

You can make the Beauty and the Beast flower at home if you have the specified materials, they are:

  • a well-preserved rose
  • glass dome
  • rose petal
  • foam to decorate
  • wooden foot

When you have the material, you just need to mount the flower on a wooden base, decorate it and seal it with a dome.

The name of the flower is Enchanted Rose, and the roses we sell in our flower shop are made from naturally preserved roses that will last well for years.

I hope with this information you can learn more about the flower from Beauty and the Beast and why you should give it as a gift.

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