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This one’s been on the map for a while, but it’s finally here: Flymo has developed its very easy-to-use cordless lawnmower to compete with Bosch’s Li range, as well as battery-powered lawnmowers from manufacturers like Black & Decker and Evopoder.

Introducing the Flymo Mighty-Mo

A primera vista, esta máquina ciertamente parece, es mucho Flymo ‘con esteroides’ en su estilo visual, eliminando algunas de las curvilineas forms y bulbosas distinctives que normally se associated con una cortadora de césped Flymo, y en lugar de eso, une borde angular harder. style. This was done for a reason, to show how much of a difference this machine makes to the usual ‘little garden specials’ that Flymo has traditionally produced.

But what exactly is this “game”?

Well, with a 12-inch cutting width, this machine is still designed for smaller gardens, but the obvious difference, of course, is that it doesn’t suffer from the problems associated with corded electric lawn mowers. Instead, you can go in any direction without worrying about running out of cord or, even worse, cutting it.

As a safe bet, you can expect to be able to mow a 150 square foot lawn on a single charge in 35 minutes, allowing you to use multiple passes to ensure you have an even cut. However, it’s fair to say that it will only be effective if the grass is already short (less than an inch), if the grass is longer than that, Mighty-Mo isn’t as powerful anymore and works more like its cousins. – cushioned floating mowers, ie. quite inefficient The problem is that it gets stuck and clogged from lack of power, and having to repeatedly reach for the battery “safety key” to cut the power and uncover the bottom of the deck can get very annoying very quickly . Not to mention that the battery cover is thin and can easily break with continued use.

That’s not to say Mighty-Mo isn’t effective, but it’s definitely only for you if you’re willing to mow regularly throughout the spring and summer so your lawn never grows. more than an inch at a time.


  • Weighing 10kg it is nice and light for a cordless lawnmower, almost anyone will be able to push it easily
  • Small and compact – easy to store and use
  • Easy to use lever to adjust cutting height
  • Updated design and styling

the inconvenients

  • Not good for cutting overgrown grass.
  • The battery cover is a bit thin, and the side
  • The replacement battery is very expensive to buy!


It’s not a bad attempt by Flymo to break into the cordless lawn mower market, but it’s fair to say that they probably have a long way to go before they hit the nail on the head. The Mighty-mo’s lack of power and ability to cut tall grass are the main shortcomings of the Mighty-mo, and considering how much money you’ll need to use it, you’ll really want to sort things out by first. Good but not great, we still recommend a Bosch cordless lawn mower, at least for now.

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