Garden decoration and terraces with artificial grass

Caring for outer space is an art and a pleasure, but not everyone can have a natural green garden and when it is not possible to have a good lawn, then the artificial turf it can be a valuable furnishing accessory and an effective floor.

The gardens The oldest ornamental paintings are found among Egyptian wall paintings from 1500 BC. C., surrounded by acacias and palms, with pools of water lilies and lotus flowers. Famous are the Gardens of Eden, those of Ptolemy in Alexandria in Egypt and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the world. Greece, China and Persia have cultivated the art of gardening.

The pleasure of having a neat and beautiful outdoor space has never gone away, but often you have to deal with a lack of time and even small spaces or little sun. That’s why he synthetic grass has been so successful over the past 10 years, even in the decoration of gardens (and terraces).

artificial grass in the garden

Artificial turf originated as sports flooring and for a long time was confined to football or tennis courts, but then someone came up with the idea of ​​using it as a paving for the garden. Naturally, the first synthetic lawns were not as beautiful as the current ones, precisely because they were born for sports spaces, they had no color and the rods were not structured, they were rigid, not very suitable to the decoration of garden spaces and terraces. Over time, however, they were refined and two different lines were born, one which continued to be used commercially and the other which became purely decorative.

Artificial grass is green all year round. For this simple reason, it is the ideal complement to decorate your terrace or garden.


How to decorate our terrace with artificial grass?

Do you want to change the look of your patio? Have you thought about replacing the classic ground with synthetic grass? Put artificial grass on the patio It will allow you to completely renovate this space with a limited budget.

Artificial turf will bring that freshness that natural grass brings to natural spaces but reducing its maintenance. Artificial grass is a visit of resistant solution which will offer you a very pleasant floor for walking barefoot. And it will be enough to pass the broom or to water it as needed to clean it. Do you need more reasons to bet on this material to refresh your terrace?

The patio is the perfect space to decorate with artificial grass as well as other materials. Synthetic flooring, natural plants, rustic furniture or pergolas are all materials that perfectly complement artificial grass and together create a very decorative space.

garden with artificial grass

How to decorate our garden with artificial grass?

The garden with artificial grass offers many innovative decoration options. To start, you can play with shapes, create corridors with wood or natural stone. Natural plants should not be missing among the artificial grass. Nowadays, the color of artificial grass mimics the color of natural grass very accurately so that all the elements look like a perfect whole.

If you have a small garden (up to 10 square meters to be clear), it is essential to analyze Yes design the available space . We always recommend a simple and minimalist design, to keep the garden always tidy.

Regarding the choice of the synthetic turf model, we always recommend choosing a synthetic turf, due to its characteristics.

If there is in the garden floors Yes trees , we highly recommend that you leave them alone and create elegant flower beds to beautify your garden. If you are a DIY enthusiast, create dreamy flower beds will be a breeze. You can use various materials, for example terracotta tiles, large stones, rustic bricks or small pebbles.

Furnish the garden with two armchairs/sofa Yes a coffee table , placed in a corner overlooking the garden. If you wish, you can also reserve a small side area to make flower beds for planting flowers Yes floors.

If your space allows it, the garden with swimming pool and artificial grass is the perfect combination. Aesthetically the green against the blue is very decorative. If you have children, the success of the game is guaranteed.

artificial grass in swimming pools

Yes you have a buried pool, synthetic grass next to the pool is a really practical and definitive solution. Thanks to the large drainage capacity splashes and the water that comes out will be absorbed by the ground , and therefore the formation of dangerous puddles will be avoided. If, on the contrary, you have an above-ground swimming pool, we strongly advise against installing it on synthetic grass. Cut out the necessary space and leave it without grass, apply plastic sheets, then place the pool on top of these sheets. The synthetic turf should surround your pool and serve to absorb the water that escapes.

Features of Artificial Grass

Also known as “artificial turf” the artificial grass for gardens and terraces It is now widely used in private spaces, unlike at the beginning when it was generally used for sports spaces. Made of plastic, it has a excellent drainage effect, is robust and lends itself well to walking. But not only. Artificial grass performs well during its installation and is assembled with extreme simplicity.

According to your needs, you can choose the type of artificial turf more appropriate . In the market there are different types among which the most used is the Polypropylene to be very weatherproof and to trampling . The advantages are numerous such as:

  • Quick cleaning . Artificial turf is easy to maintain, it is enough to use water and possibly suitable detergents.
  • Adaptability in different situations . Decorating gardens and terraces with artificial grass allows convenient use in front of children and in the presence of pets. Playing, trampling will not negatively affect its duration.
  • Perfect drainage in case of rain . If you had areas of the garden that tended to stagnate, the artificial turf slows down and prevents the formation of puddles.
  • Does not require constant maintenance . Another point in favor of artificial grass is the unnecessary constant maintenance. In fact, artificial grass doesn’t require watering or mowing, making it perfect for those with little time for gardening or who don’t have a green thumb.
  • aesthetically beautiful . Professional artificial grass is very similar to real grass. Shades of green, yellow and brown create a truly stunning natural effect!

Placement and fixing of artificial grass.

As already mentioned, placement and fixing of artificial grass These are generally very simple operations which, however, depending on the case, may require more or less the intervention of professionals.

synthetic turf laying

More specifically, fixing It depends mainly on the medium: the fixing with glue can be made using double-sided adhesive or anchors, especially in the case of cementitious or tiled substrates . In other cases, free fixing is possible through the use of perimeter weights (for example, vases and seats).

In the case of installation on supports of Earth That is gravel Firstly, the impurities which cause discontinuities such as stones, roots, iron elements found in the bottom are removed from the bottom. In this sense, it is good to know that the more the soil preparation, the better the performance of our synthetic turf. And in fact, once the surface is flat, it is possible to anchor the grass by unrolling the fixing strip at the fixing points with nails or pins or weights. After mixing the special glue, spread it evenly. The flaps of our artificial turf can now be closed by pressure, which must in any case be able to eliminate any existing irregularities.

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