Garden Exhibition: Climate, Wind and Sun

We cannot, before starting to cultivate, ignore the climate and the atmospheric agents to which the land where we will cultivate our garden and, therefore, our crops will be subjected.

Among the climatic determinants are mainly the exposure of the soil to the sun, but also the wind and the possibility of hail and snow in winter.

All these factors are crucial to understand which vegetables can be grown, there are also a series of measures during cultivation that can cushion the effect of time: a hedge to protect from the wind, the protection of greenhouses or tnt sheets to gel, anti-hail or shade nets.

However, the climate remains a major constraint that must be carefully considered before starting to grow. Wind, snow, hail, seasonal rains are all elements that can affect the result of the harvest, ruin or favor the harvest.

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  • Weather and seasons

  • sun and exposure

  • garden and water

  • Rain, hail and snow

  • wind for the garden


Weather and seasons

Climatic temperatures and the succession of seasons are an essential factor in the growth cycle of plants: to germinate seeds, they need heat, which is also necessary for the development and fruiting of plants. Cold also plays a fundamental role in the growth cycle of the plant. Winter frosts are a signal that determines the vegetative rest or whipping of the seeds of many crops.

sun and exposure

The sun is not only a primary heat source, but with its rays it gives plants precious light, essential for the process of photosynthesis and for the ripening of most fruits. Without proper sun exposure, many garden plants suffer or produce poor crops. It is necessary to evaluate the exposure at different times of the day, paying attention to where is the east, where the sun rises, and the west, where it sets, in relation to our garden. Where there are hills or slopes, south-facing terrain is the sunniest.

Also in order to optimize exposure to the sun, it is advisable to design sowing rows in north/south direction so that there is not too much shade between them.

Too much sun, however, can also be negative as it can burn the plant and dry out the soil, but this effect is easily controlled with shade nets and mulch.

garden and water

Very important for those who want to do agriculture is check access to water, to guarantee the irrigation of the garden (find out more: garden irrigation). Water needs vary by season and crop, but depending on the area you are going to grow in, you can already get an idea of ​​when the most rain is expected and how much seasonal rainfall will affect it. . . There are places where it often rains, others where drought can be a problem.

rain, hail and snow

The rains they are an important source of water for the soil and the plants that inhabit it. However, when it rains heavily, excessive stagnation of water can form, which promotes plant diseases. It is necessary to work the soil so that it drains and knows how to drain excess water and take care to amend it so that it retains moisture correctly.

Hail it is a one-time event that can be disastrous for agriculture: especially if it targets newly transplanted seedlings or attacks during flowering, fruiting or ripening. Netting can be used to prevent hail damage. Anti-hail nets installed in summer also have a shading effect, limiting summer sunshine.

The snow it also plays a role in improving soil structure and providing easy to absorb water, you can read more about this in the garden and snow article.

wind for the garden

wind exposure it can disturb our plants and dry out the garden soil. For this reason, pay attention to the exposed part and cover it with a hedge, especially in very windy areas. If you have to act quickly and don’t plant a hedge on time , you can also temporarily protect your garden with a windbreak net. The hedge should be 4-5 meters from the cultivated beds so as not to shade the vegetables and is also useful for preserving biodiversity, providing habitat for useful insects, birds and small animals.

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