Geotextile fabric vases

If you want to grow in a vase, you need to choose a container , we talked about it in detail in the article dedicated to the best choice of vase for your balcony garden. The possible materials are varied: from the cheapest plastic solution to classic terracotta pots.

I am now talking about a very interesting possibility, which has several advantages: the fabric vase . Obviously you can’t think of putting soil in cotton bags, which would degrade too quickly, but there is materials designed to withstand the outdoors and they are called fabrics geotextiles .

Then we examine the pros and cons of geotextile fabric containers, discovering why they can be useful for our balcony garden.


How is the geotextile vase made

The geotextile fabric is composed of synthetic fibers , in materials such as polypropylene and polyester: unfortunately, the use of natural materials would result in a perishable container, not functional for use in pots, which implies a constant state of humidity. Therefore, the fabric vases they are not particularly eco-friendly they can be assimilated to plastic vases from an environmental point of view.

The fibers that make up the container are perforated mechanically to create a dense mesh, so that the earth does not come out, but in no case completely airtight, so that the pot is breathable. It is a very resistant material not being rigid and almost impossible to break.

There are vases made of geotextile fabric from of all shapes and sizes , you can choose both the classic circular formats and the square or rectangular vases. Usually, this type of pot is produced in a medium to very large size, which is ideal for growing most vegetables.

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fabric vases

The advantages of a textile pot they are multiple both in terms of practicality and culture.

From a practical point of view having a textile vase offers two great advantages: it weighs little and can be folded in some cases. The fact that he is light it makes it comfortable to move, although obviously once a vase of several liters capacity is filled with soil the weight becomes important. Some pots are collapsible , this does not apply to all fabric containers, which is very useful for storing them when not in use. The container garden is very seasonal, in the periods when it is not cultivated one can choose to store the container in a very small space.

Cultural side the most positive is perspiration that occurs between the fibers, and allows a better root system oxygenation of the plant and the substrate, compared to any pot or plastic fragment. Always because of tissues, drainage it’s guaranteed , which is very important to avoid plant diseases. Last but not least, the fact that the walls are interlocking and not smooth strongly limits root spiralization which do not create the classic brick around pot shape and adopt a healthier and more natural conformation.

Where to find them and which to buy

I would like to highlight a few geotextile vases that can be purchased online. Now I’m going to introduce you to some models, but I want to sincerely say that if you buy them through the links below, you will help support Orto Da Coltivare, as better explained on the transparency page.


The Smart Pot series of planters from the High caliber growth It is perfect for growing on the balcony, they are the same pots that you find in the photos that illustrate this article. There are different sizes, the difficulty is to understand the size, which is expressed in US gallons. Keep in mind that a gallon is approximately 3.78 liters. I help you with a conversion:

  • 7 gallon jug . Capacity approximately 25 litres, an excellent pot for salads and other leafy vegetables, approximately 35cm in diameter and 25cm deep. You will find it among these.
  • 15 gallon jug . About 55 litres, a good sized pot, suitable for most horticultural plants. You can buy it here.
  • 20 gallon jug . About 75 liters, a large vase half a meter in diameter and 40 cm deep. You can grow potted tomatoes or other vegetables with good-sized plants and dwarf fruit plants. You can buy it here.
  • 200 gallon jug . It has more than 750 liters, it is a vase one and a half meters in diameter. Here a small orchard is made, although a large terrace is needed to lay it, as well as a resistant slab. You can buy it here.

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If there are no space problems and there is room, you can put a larger container where you can do a real little garden . We already talked about the 200 gallon Smart Pot you can also choose Big Bag bed (a 120 cm diameter container that you can buy here).

To grow potatoes on the terrace I recommend these pretty bags, with a small window for harvesting, they are also quite inexpensive.

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