Grow arugula in the garden or in a vase

Arugula is one of the most special salads, due to its characteristic spicy flavor that makes it ideal in the kitchen to give liveliness to different recipes. Therefore, a salad that is not only a side dish, but can be used in sauces or as an aromatic herb to combine with meat and cheese, or to put on toast and piadina.

Arugula is also called ruchetta or rucatta, its botanical name is Eruca vesicaria and it is a plant of the brassica or crucifer family, so it is a relative of cabbage and radish. By property, the vegetable has a good content of mineral salt, and fresh arugula is also rich in vitamin C.

It is a very simple plant to grow and productive, which is why it is a recommended crop for the organic family garden. From an adversity standpoint, leaves often find themselves punctured by eltica and other small insects, which do more cosmetic damage than substantive. The beauty of this crop is that it is very hardy and therefore can be maintained for most of the year, it also has a short growth cycle, so from planting to harvesting the stage is short.

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How to plant arugula

favorable climate . The rocket is very adaptable and is therefore particularly easy to put in the garden. Like many other vegetable crops, it fears stagnant water, which encourages it to fall ill, and drought, which can cause it to bolt early. Frost can damage it, but it resists cold well, withstanding temperatures up to 5 degrees.

the perfect ground . Any type of soil is suitable for growing arugula, with a preference for draining soil rich in organic matter, which does not tend to dry out in the heat.

planting period . Arugula can be sown from March to September, but with tunnel cultivation it is possible to extend the growing period and have this fresh salad available for harvest practically all year round. Arugula seeds last a long time: a bag of seeds bought in the year can be used for up to 4 years. Arugula germinates quickly and grows quickly: a week after sowing, the shoots of the seedlings are already visible, and soon after, the first leaves can be picked to put them in the salad.

Planting or sowing by propagation. The rocket can be safely seeded by seeding or by rows. Sowing by sowing is faster, the seeds are sown and then lightly raked, to cover them with soil. Planting in rows, on the other hand, has the advantage of a better distribution of the plants, which are kept well ventilated. In this case, keep 25 cm between rows and 5/10 cm between sowing. The seed should be buried shallow, even half a centimeter is enough.

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