Guide to buying a paellero


Making a good paella and enjoying it with friends and/or family is something you can consider on weekends. In winter, it may make us more lazy, but in spring and summer, in good weather, you may want to consider it. And for enjoy your garden and cook at the same time, how about having a paellero?

Forget the need to make paella in the kitchen, now you can step out into the garden and delight your guests with a good one made outside. For this, the paelleros can serve you and today we propose to show you the best ones on the market and a guide so that you can buy the one that best suits you.


Top 1. The best outdoor paellero


  • Made of Carbon Steel.
  • For paella pans from 26 to 60 cm.
  • Easy to store.

the inconvenients

  • The gas outlet is not standard.
  • Not good for so many diners (in the description it comes out for 12 people).
  • low height

Selection of paella pans for terraces

Didn’t this first choice convince you? Don’t worry, here you can see other models.

Garcima 5020086 Butane gas paellero 350 mm

Made of iron, it measures 35cm and is perfect for small pans. It uses butane gas.

Algon la Estrella BUTANE/PROPANE gas PAELLO burner

It is a medium paella burner, 50 cm, in metal and enamelled. Works with butane or propane gas and it has two rings and three feet (mini feet) so that it can be used outdoors.

Vaello, paella pan with gas burner

In this case you will have a 300mm gas ring burner, 38cm polished paella pan and tripod to put everything.

It is made of alloy steel.

Garcima 76040 Flat Gas Paellero Cooker

He has a additional inner ring and a double gas outlet on the inner rings. This way you can distribute the heat better throughout the paella pan.

Garcima 700 – Butane Gas Paellero

This is a butane gas paellero in iron and 70cm. It is very easy to use and also to store.

Garden paellero buying guide

Do you want to enjoy the garden with your family and/or friends? Are you going to treat them with a paella? Well, to avoid being in the kitchen and not in the garden enjoying your friends, you need a paellero.

But not just any. Your purchase will depend on what you need And in that case, things like the following can help you make a smart purchase. Take note.


First, the size. It’s not the same to have a small paellero than a big one. For example, imagine you want to make a paella for 10 people and you buy a paella pan for a small pan, for 2-4 people. Do you think the paella will turn out well? Probably not, because the heat will be concentrated in part of the pan, but not all of it.

Therefore, you should buy this device according to the size you want to use as a paella pan.


Primarily, the most widely used material for this device is iron, because it offers many benefits and is very durable (you can have it practically all your life if you take good care of it).


In the market we can find many models of paella pans, but one of the classifications that exist is:

  • Gas paella pans. These can be butane, propane or natural gas. In addition, they can be classified in turn as classic, high-powered and professional (for the hotel industry) paella pans.
  • Paella pans with legs. They are perfect for the garden because they do not need to be placed on any support, the legs already do the same thing as a support and also allow cooking in complete safety.
  • Without legs. These are the ones you should use on a table, counter or at floor level. In this case, they can be used indoors or outdoors, but most importantly you should place them in an area where it is safe to use them.


And we come to the price. You should know that they are not expensive, but their price will depend mainly on the above factors. You will often find paelleros from 20 euro (on sale), although the bigger it is, the more expensive it will be (and also depending on the type of paellero).

How to clean a paellero?

Over time and with the use you may make of it, the paellero burner can get dirty. This can happen because the broth comes out and, indirectly, wets the paellero; or because something can fall through the hoops.

Cleaning should always be done after using it, as this is how dirt does not set in (and therefore does not work properly).

The first thing will be to let the ring cool down so that you can handle it. Never do it hot because apart from the fact that you can have an accident, it’s not good. Some think that being hot will make the grease come out better, but this is a danger since you put yourself in danger and you can also remove the non-stick and protective layer.

Once cold, you will need choose a scouring pad (it can be aluminum) and a cleaning product (dishwasher is fine). You will now have to put a quantity on the scouring pad and start rubbing all the rings to clean them. Rinse with water and that’s it.

If nothing fell on it and everything is fine, you can skip the sponge and clean only with a cloth moistened with soapy water.

For the gas inlet part or the like, care must be taken not to allow water to enter. You should only clean this area with a damp cloth, without touching it too much.

Or buy?

cook with paellero

Now that you know what a paellero is, you’ve seen some models you might be interested in, and you know more about buying a paellero, the next step is to make it. To buy.

And, for that, we searched a few stores where you can find them. Take note and stop by (online or physical, of course).


The first recommendation we give you is Amazon because that’s where you’ll find the most variety. Of course, in the search for a paellero, it is possible that you will also find paella pans, so you will need filter through all of them until you find the one that really works for you and what you are looking for.


At Bauhaus, we advise you search by paellero burner to get the exact and most filtered results (so you don’t waste time).

There’s not a lot of variety, but at least you’ll find what you’re looking for, and most at affordable prices.


With nearly 800 products, Even if some are more like a paella pan than a paellero, at Carrefour you will have the choice. Having opened up to other sellers to advertise their products, this supermarket’s catalog has grown a lot, and that’s why you have so many models.

They highlight certain offers likely to interest you (and incidentally to pay less).

Now all you have to do is decide whether to buy from one place or another and prepare a delicious paella to test your paellero. Who are you staying with?

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