How and when to plant bulbs in the spring

Today we will see how to plant bulbs in the spring. This article is valid for all types of bulbs, and although in the video you will see that I use dahlias as an example, it is valid for many other types. There are others like lilies and tulips which, although their process is similar, are planted in the fall.

plant bulbs

In our case, we are going to see how and when to plant the bulbs that will bloom in summer-autumn. In addition to dahlias, there are amaryllis, begonias, gladioli, irises, peonies, lilies and a long etcetera.


Plant bulbs in the garden

Bulbs are all those plants that have, as their name suggests, a bulb, or a rhizome, which stores nutrients. Many are edible, but many are ornamental plants, like the ones we are interested in today.

It is important to reserve an area in our garden where to plant bulbs, as they will help us to attract pollinators. Many of them also serve as plants to attract hummingbirds and other beneficial orchard birds.

Thanks to this we improve the production of the orchard and reduce the risk of suffering a pest attack.

Where to plant the bulbs: soil and sun

The area to be chosen for planting the bulbs must be prepared. Although they are not very demanding in terms of soil, it is important to improve the substrate with nutrients, whether it is compost or any other means to increase its quality.

Undoubtedly, they can grow in poor soil, but increasing its quality will contribute to better development, since at the time of flowering the plants grow much better.

plant dahlia bulbs

It is also important that the soil drains well, otherwise we run the risk of the bulbs rotting and the plants dying.

A loose, well-drained and sufficiently nutritious soil will greatly contribute to the development of our plants.

The choice of where to plant the bulbs is no less important for its development, since exposure to the sun is vital for its development. These are plants that must be in full sun, and the most shady and humid places can prevent their development and damage them.

How and when to plant bulbs

Spring bulbs, like dahlias, are important to plant at the right time. Unlike bulbs which can be planted in winter, these plants do not survive frost.

It is important that, although the land can be prepared in late winter, and in some areas even planted in late winter, the risk of frost pushes us to do it well in spring, as for example in my case, which is a frost sensitive area and we will plant them in mid spring.

How to plant bulbs is relatively simple, let’s see the steps and what to consider. We will make a hole between 5 and 15 centimeters. In my case they will be about 10. The planting distance, in case we want to plant more than one, will be 30 centimeters, so that the plants have enough space to grow and flourish.

It is also important to take into account where the stem is, that it must be facing upwards and that the bulb is healthy, as I explain in the video.

Once planted, we cover without packing the soil, so that the germination process is not costly for the emerging plant.

Watering the spring bulbs

Beyond the initial watering, which I always advise to be abundant, do not overwater the bulbs. In other words, they must be constant but light, to avoid possible waterlogging and excessive humidity which could lead to their rotting.

In hotter seasons like summer, the rate can be increased, but always check that the soil is dry before watering again.

plant spring bulbs

bulb pests

One of the concerns when planting any type of crop is possible pests. In the case of bulbs, there are not many dangers, and although aphids can sometimes affect them, the most common are slugs and snails.

We have already explained several times excuse me fight against snails and slugs in the garden with home remedies. With these tips, you’ll have a good range of options to keep them at bay.

Otherwise, you don’t need much more than that to plant spring bulbs and add a little more color to your garden.

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