How much should I water a fig tree?

How much should I water a fig tree?

If you have a fig tree, surely, on some occasion, have you asked in nurseries or friends and neighbors who also have one how often they water it. Maybe you even searched the internet how much should I water a fig tree.

And the problem is, no matter who you talk to, and whatever you read, everyone gives an explanation and a reason to water more or less. So which one is right?


The fig tree, the tree considered as rainfed

The fig tree, the tree considered as rainfed

In case you don’t know, a fig tree is considered to belong to the pluvial group. That is, it tolerates drought very well and does not need a lot of water. For this reason, it can often be placed in very hot areas. But in addition, it is also frost resistant, which makes it resistant and valid for almost all climates.

Physically, the fig tree has a more or less thick and not too high trunk, since reaches 5 meters in height, and branching into several branches. These give large rough leaves with clearly visible veins that you can even touch.

As for the flowers, all are female and not noticeable because they are hidden in green pods. These are going to be what will become the fruit. And something that many don’t know, or think it doesn’t happen, is that fig trees do not need to be pollinated, they are asexual. And as for fruit, it bears figs and figs.

Irrigation, the most complicated fig tree care

From what we have explained to you before, it has surely become clear to you that the fig tree is a rain-fed tree and therefore to your question how much should I water a fig tree, we should answer that little. However, the truth is that a lot depends.

Normally, what must be taken into account when irrigating is that the fig tree It doesn’t need a lot of water, or at least a lot of water. But water is responsible for the greater or lesser productivity of your fig tree.

To give you an idea, you should know that in April and May irrigation must be present because you are preparing the tree for summerand that implies that you will be able to get away with the fruits.

In the case of summer, it is not watered because it is hot, but water is one of the most important ingredients to help the crop mature and also to strengthen it.

Note that a fig tree can be planted in very nutritious soils or in poor soils, and this implies that, if it has no nutrients and we do not provide it with water, it will be more prone to plagues and will not make the figs fruitful. In other words, no matter how much it bears fruit, there will come a time when they will not grow or reach the end, at some point falling from the branches. And not because he is sick (which he could be) but because a good irrigation strategy has not been carried out.

Watering when planting the fig tree

If you have just planted a fig tree, know that you don’t need to water it for several days. In fact, unless you can see it’s not raining for a while, you shouldn’t water it. But that’s when you have a more mature fig tree. If they are young, it is advisable to do so as it helps them get used to their new “home”.

In case it works for you, When a fig tree needs water, its leaves turn yellow and fall off.. But you cannot space the waterings as an indication because if the plant suffers each time it needs water, this will generate a problem in the production of fruits.

How much should I water a fig tree?

How much should I water a fig tree?

The answer to this question is between 1 and 1.5 inches of waterbe it rain or irrigation. Because if it rained a lot that week, you won’t need to water it.

But it also depends. There are fig trees that require more water, especially if they are much more productive, older, or with poor soils (because they don’t retain water well and can’t benefit from it as much as others who have a mantle of soil that soaks up and they can feed throughout the year).

How much should I water a fig tree in winter?

We will specify watering in winter. In this period there will be climates in which it will be more temperate or colder. May there be more rain or no rain. In fgeneral, It will be good if you water it once a month. That it’s in a very poor region and the land is not good and the winter is mild? You can water it every three weeks. But he doesn’t need you to give him much more.

How much should I water a fig tree in the summer?

In the case of summer, it will depend on the type it is. If it is a calm in which the temperatures do not soar and you can easily pass in a calm mannerwatering once every two weeks is more than enough. And if it’s a very hot summer? then it’s done once a week.

How to Water a Fig Tree

The next question you should ask yourself is how to water it. And it is that often what we do is put the hose next to the trunk and release the water that accumulates around it. However, in the case of the fig tree, you should know that it has very wide roots and that it would be It is preferable to put the water at a certain distance from the trunk so that it is these roots, and not the others, which can absorb this liquid.

Besides, it’s not good for you to water it like that either. The best way to water a fig tree is to use the drip irrigation or micro-sprinklers. These are options that the plant appreciates much more than just a hose with water that collects in the ground.

When to water a fig tree

When to water a fig tree

Finally, we want to tell you when is the best time to water a fig tree. And it is that, like many other plants, there are two perfect moments: early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

You should never water it during the hours of greatest incidence of the sun, because the water itself can create a mirror effect and burn the plant.

Now that you’ve settled the question of how much should I water a fig tree, it’s time to get going. And, if you have any doubts, just ask us.

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