How to buy a citronella candle

citronella candle

When spring and summer arrive, with them come unwanted mosquitoes too. And it is that, overnight, you can find yourself with several bites that you do not stop scratching and that annoy you. And if you put a citronella candle?

Wait, it’s not about going to the store, buying one and that’s it. In fact, for this to be successful, you need to take into account certain factors. Do we recommend citronella candles and help you know which ones to buy? Dark.


Top 1. The best citronella candle


  • 12 glasses of citronella scented candles.
  • Contains natural lemongrass oil.
  • Very neat presentation.

The inconvenients

  • They barely last an hour each glass.
  • The smell is not noticeable.

Selection of citronella candles

Check out other citronella candles that will keep mosquitoes away in your home or garden.

Price – Set of 25 Lemongrass Floating Candles

This is a set of 25 individual use tea type floating candles that will maintain a pleasant smell.

La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candles – Citronella Candle Set

These are candles (a set of two) made from 100% pure soybeans for a cleaner, longer burn. It also contains lemongrass oil. It comes in a decorated box that will have it decorating even when turned off.

KWANITHINK citronella candles

36 hours is what they will last, a total of over 144 hours. Comes with 4 candles made from 100% pure soybeans, lemongrass oil and a cotton core. They are suitable for interiors.

Large Citronella Garden Candle

This set of two citronella candles is centered on the outside. They can burn for 75 hours and the total burning time will exceed 140 hours. They are made from natural sona and 5% lemongrass oil.

RepellShield Citronella Mosquito Repellent Candles 4x100gr

It is a set consisting of 4 candles of 100 grams each with up to 30 hours of duration against mosquitoes, flies and wasps.

It is made with 100% natural soy and lemongrass oil. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

Citronella Candle Buying Guide

Often the citronella candle you buy just doesn’t work. And not because it doesn’t really have an effect on mosquitoes, but because one thing we don’t really know is that these candles are different from each other, that you have to be careful about some details.

What are these? We discuss this below.


We start by determining the type of candle you are going to want to buy. Because, did you know that there are some that are for the interior and others for the exterior? Basically they differ in size, but they also have other characteristics like the fact that they release more or less citronella (to keep insects away).

Another classification of types would be in the “purity” of lemongrass. That is, whether it is 100% lemongrass or whether it contains other components that lower the main. There is no doubt that the best will be those that are completely natural, and also the most effective. Therefore, to check it, it is better to look at the label.


Another important factor of a citronella candle is, without a doubt, the size. For example, if you have a very large living room and you place a citronella tealight, you cannot expect it to fully protect you, because the proportions are not correct.

Sometimes the majority of candles will be the glass type, but there are plenty of larger ones (and smaller ones too).


As for the price, the truth is that a citronella candle is not expensive. You can find it for less than a euro. But the difference with the others will mainly be in the size of the candle, and also if it is 100% natural or not.

To give you an idea, prices can range from less than one euro to 10-12 euros.

What is the lemongrass candle used for?

The main function of a citronella candle is to repel flies, mosquitoes and wasps. For this reason, it can be placed both inside the house and outside, since its purpose is to serve as a repellent.

Currently it is the most used, either as a plant or as a candle, so that the insects do not approach the place where it is thanks to its effectiveness.

How does citronella work on mosquitoes?

The citronella candle, when lit, gives off an unpleasant odor to mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, this smell helps camouflage other smells that are more appetizing to insects.

In other words, it creates a kind of barrier around it that prevents insects from noticing other smells and, not liking their own, they prefer to put some distance between them.

Or buy?

citronella candle

Citronella candles are not hard to find as they are available in many stores and supermarkets. For this reason, we wanted to take a tour of several stores to tell you what you will find there.


On Amazon, this is perhaps where you will find the most variety, even taking into account that its catalog is quite small compared to other products. Another point to consider is the price of these. And it is that they can be much more expensive than in other stores, even being the same product.

So if you like one, take a few minutes to see if it might be cheaper in another store.


In Mercadona they sell citronella candles, but the truth is that there is not much choice. It’s one or one. There is nothing left. The big advantage of this supermarket over other stores is the price. They’re very, very cheap, and that’s why they sell so well.

But in terms of quality, it is possible that if you use another one you will notice a difference.

Leroy Merlin

Within the citronella candles that Leroy Merlin offers for sale, you will have 7 products to try at different prices. The truth is that the biggest of them will cost almost 10 euros, but they are also smaller in size. The rest stays within the price line of this mosquito repellent candle.

Whether you choose a citronella candle or want to create your own, mosquitoes will leave you alone.

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