How to buy a garden bench

garden bench

Imagine you come home and the weather is perfect for being in the garden. So you make yourself a drink, open the balcony or the door that leads outside and step outside. You are a few minutes walk and observe the beauty of your garden. But you don’t have a place to sit? admit it, you need a garden bench.

If in that moment you realized you missed it but you don’t know how to buy one or what you need to pay attention to, we can help you. Dark?


Top 1. The best garden bench


  • Concentrated for children.
  • Created with high quality materials.
  • For two people and up to 80 kilos in weight.

the inconvenients

  • It oxidizes if you don’t protect it.
  • It breaks if not well maintained.

Selection of garden benches

If you didn’t like this garden bench, don’t worry because here we present other options that might be more in line with what you are looking for. Look at them.

Chicreat – Aluminum Bench with Polywood Surface and Cushion

We chose the 100 x 50 x 45 cm but they are available, at higher prices, up to 180 x 90 x 75 cm.

It is made of aluminum with a Polywood surface and comes with a cushion. However, it does not have a backrest or armrests.

Relaxdays 2-seater garden and terrace bench

With two seats, it has a high backrest and wide armrests to make it much more comfortable.

It is made up of wooden slats on a cast iron structure. Its dimensions are 73.5 x 126 x 52.5 cm. It is weather resistant.

Greemotion Bank Borkum

This two-seater wooden bench has a backrest and armrests. Is carried out in acacia wood And it needs maintenance to keep it looking new. The approximate measurements are 109 x 86 x58 cm.

Relaxdays Antique Garden Bench, 2 Person

It measures 63 x 127.5 x 90 centimeters and is made of metal. It’s for two people and one maximum resistance of 220 kilos.

YP 2 seater garden bench Park bench

Made of molten iron, This 134 x 50 x 89 garden bench supports up to 200 kilos of weight. It has an elegant design that matches your garden, your terrace or even the interior of your house. It is for two people.

Garden bench buying guide

There is no doubt that having a garden bench outside your home allows you to relax outdoors and be comfortable at the same time. However, sometimes we buy the first one we see without realizing that many options come into play when choosing the best one.

If you happened to buy one and later regretted it, then you will see some details to which it is necessary to pay attention not to regret its purchase.


The first thing you need to see about a garden bench is the type. that is to say, what the material with which it is constructed. It is true that each of the materials will have advantages and disadvantages, but it is always a question of choosing the one that best suits your garden.

In this sense, you can find garden benches:

  • In aluminium. They are cheaper than others, but they have the disadvantage of rusting and being very cold in winter. You will also need to put blankets on them to make them more comfortable.
  • In wood. They are ideal for the garden because of the combination they create with the greenery of the plants. But they must be treated so that bad weather, and especially rain, does not deteriorate them.
  • Natural stone benches. They are sturdy and often have a unique design. Over time, they improve their appearance and do not need maintenance. But they are very heavy and cannot be moved easily.
  • forging They are light and aesthetically very beautiful as they preserve the traditional and give it a romantic touch.
  • In plastic. They are almost always made of PVC or resin and are weather resistant. They are very, very light and their price is the cheapest of all.
  • Natural fiber garden benches. Made of wicker, rattan or bamboo. They give the garden a more natural and striking touch.


The next point to consider is the size of this bank. Depending on who you are in the family, or whether you like to sit or lay on it, you will have to choose a larger or a smaller one.

The space available also influences, because even if you want a large bench, if the space you have is very small, it will be impossible for it to fit well.

In general, the ones that sell the most are the two or three-seater ones.


Another aspect to consider is the color of the garden bench. East It influences so that your whole garden combines. For example, if you have a garden with touches of wood, with brown and green, placing a blue plastic bench will not be appropriate.

Therefore, when looking for one, discard those that are not suitable for your garden by color, even if you like their design.


Finally, a determining factor for many, the price. We’re not going to tell you that a garden bench is cheap, because it’s not. But we will tell you that it is not the most expensive either.

You can find banks for around 60 euros more or less. Of course, there are much more expensive ones, depending on the finishes they have.

Or buy?

buy outdoor seats

Now that you know what to look for, the next step is to get to know a few shops where you can find garden benches. We offer some of them here.


Amazon is one of the stores where you can find the most variety, although in this case you do not have much choice, and you must also be careful that what you buy is really a bench and not a accessory for it.

And it is that in their search not only for benches, but also for other accessories such as covers, cushions, etc. which will confuse you (because they use pictures of banks and you might think you’re buying one).


At Carrefour, thanks to the fact that it is open to third-party sellers, you will also find more options to choose from. Again, we tell you the same as before: be careful and make sure you are really buying a garden bench.


At Ikea you can find several options for garden benches, from those with storage to other simpler ones, in wood or other materials. Stand out in color since not only does it remain in wood or aluminum but there are also red ones.

Leroy Merlin

You will find a little more variety at Leroy Merlin where, In addition to having wooden or metal benches, you can find concrete and with classical, Byzantine or romantic motifs.

As for prices, some are affordable for all budgets.

Second hand

Finally, we want to recommend used garden benches. That is to say individuals who have been using them for some time and wish to resell them (either because they made a mistake when buying them, or because they are moving, or because they do not use more).

These are much cheaper than new but you have to check that it is ok and which can be used without problems.

Have you already chosen your garden bench?

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