How to buy a polycarbonate greenhouse

polycarbonate greenhouse

If you have a lot of plants in your house, and also space in the garden, the terrace or in a room, you may have thought of having a polycarbonate greenhouse to maintain the humidity and temperature of certain plants. . This, which sounds silly, can keep them very healthy.

But, How to buy a greenhouse of this type? What price do they have? What should you look for before buying one? If you have all these doubts, then we give you the keys so that you can acquire the best according to your needs.


Top 1. The best polycarbonate greenhouse


  • Furniture design.
  • Protects against frost and bad weather.
  • Treated wood.

The inconvenients

  • You have to give it a good layer of protection so that it is really protected.
  • You have to mount it.
  • Low quality.

Selection of polycarbonate greenhouses

We know that sometimes the space, the design… does not convince everyone, so here we leave you some other polycarbonate greenhouses that you may be interested in.

GARDIUN KIS12143 – Greenhouse Jaca I 56 x 108 x 40 cm 1 Water Transparent Polycarbonate

It is a greenhouse of 56 x 108 x 40 cm. It is horizontal and has a metal frame. On the inside you will get at least 5ºC more than outside (You have to be careful in summer so that the plants don’t end up “cooking”). In this case, you should keep the lid open so the plants can breathe better (or in some cases even remove them from there).

GARDIUN KR55300 – Greenhouse Lia 115x50x30 cm Transparent Polycarbonate

This polycarbonate greenhouse is tunnel-like, i.e. it is cylindrical and low. It has a ventilation opening on the sides and frost protection.

It is ideal for small plants, whether in pots or planted in the ground (eg strawberries, lettuce…).

Relaxdays Balcony Greenhouse, Wood and Plastic, 80x36x36cm

36 x 36 x 80 centimeters, this polycarbonate greenhouse is made of wood and has a lid and a hinged door. You can find it in black.

It has two shelves so you can put several plants on it, always keeping in mind that it is small and only a few will fit. It is ideal both outside and inside the house as it will protect the plants and provide them with an environment more suited to a tropical climate.

GardenAddict Cold Frame Greenhouse

This greenhouse is short, with only one floor, in which you can put some pots to protect them all the time.

It is made of polycarbonate wood and measures 100 x 60 x 40 centimeters. It opens at the top (through the roof) and has a sloped design so rainwater doesn’t pool (as well as giving it a bit more height).

Polycarbonate Greenhouse Buying Guide

A polycarbonate greenhouse has many more benefits than anything you buy that is metallic with a cover. For starters, it’s much more robust and consistent, which makes it deteriorate much longer. And although it is much more expensive, it can be written off easily. Plus, you’re more likely to find them in different sizes, not just small or medium, but also large (even custom).

But, to buy a suitable one, you must first consider several important aspects such as:


This is the main thing because it will depend on the space you will have in your house or in your room to choose one or the other. As for the plants, it is necessary to see the number of them, or how much you want it to occupy to opt for certain models or others.

Yes OK it is normal to find standard sizes, i.e. small or large, it is also easy to build them yourself by obtaining the necessary materials for this. For this reason, it is important to know what space is available so that you can throw away those you find in stores that do not serve you.


As for the form, it is also important. You can basically find them at horizontal format, but there are also polycarbonate greenhouses made in the form of furniture and others that are minis (for succulents and cacti, or for mini plants).


We come to the price. And we’re not going to lie to you, it’s expensive. Very expensive. But you should see it as an investment.

In addition, it’s going to depend on the size of it so it’s going to be expensive. For example, if you want it for the garden, you could find a small one from 200 euros (or even less); but if you want it indoors, there are very suitable pieces of furniture available under 50 euros (or in such range).

Or buy?

buy a polycarbonate greenhouse

Failing to go out on the street to look for it (or go to the computer to search the stores to find the one you like the most and buy it, we wanted to be even more productive. And we looked at the most wanted – after the shops and that’s what you’ll find.


Here you find variety, but the results will not only give you polycarbonate greenhouses, but of many other types; so you’ll have to take a good look at the titles and descriptions to make sure that’s the case.


To buy a polycarbonate greenhouse at Bauhaus, you will have to go to the store, because They don’t have it available online as stated on their page. But they have three models, similar to each other, but with different sizes.

Leroy Merlin

At Leroy Merlin we had trouble finding polycarbonate greenhouses. Although they have a greenhouse section, the truth is that when you specify this search, none of them appear, so it’s possible that online they don’t have it. You can always ask in stores as they may have a catalog.

Second hand

Finally, you would always have the option of buying a used one. This way you can find the one that suits you best and have it at a more affordable price. Of course, check well before buying lest you end up with a problem in the end.

Have you already opted for your polycarbonate greenhouse?

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