How to buy hedge shears

hedge shears

Summer is one of the best times for plants. And that’s because that’s when they start to bloom, their leaves are more active and growing. But for this very reason, when you have some that grow too fast, you have to have a tool to “tame” them. This is the case with hedges. And for them you have the hedge shears.

But are they all the same? Does anyone serve you? Here we help you see some examples of scissors so you know what to look for when buying them (we’ll even tell you about the shops and what you can find there). Follow us.


Top 1. The best hedge trimmer


  • Ergonomic and extendable handle.
  • Shock absorbing parts to reduce shock and fatigue.
  • Wavy blade for a perfect cut.

the inconvenients

  • It rusts if it rains.
  • Low quality.
  • When it spreads, it is difficult to resize them later. (or cannot be).

Selection of hedge shears

If this first one has not convinced you, here we leave you another selection that you may be interested in knowing.

Altuna J448 – 56cm Wavy Blade Hedge Trimmer

The total size of these scissors is 56cm long, but the blade is only 21cm. is made with aluminum handles with bi-component grip (it has ergonomic plastic handles).

As for the blade, it is wavy for a better finish.

Hoteche Hedge Shears 650mm Aluminum

These hedge shears have a 24cm blade while the whole shear measures 65cm. It has a non-slip rubberized grip and The blade is coated with teflon.

Amazon Basics Hedge Clipper

This Amazon branded product is made from a carbon steel blade and an ergonomic plastic handle.

The steel is coated to make cutting as clean and easy as possible. Measures 17″ x 6.5″ x 2.75″.

TECCPO electric hedge trimmer, 7.2V 1.5Ah battery hedge trimmer

If you don’t want manual shears, you can opt for this electric hedge trimmer, with lithium battery capable of recharging in 80 minutes. It has the rotating handle and a cutting width of 9 centimeters.

You can use it for trimming hedges as well as for grass or other types of trees and/or shrubs.

Bellota 3461-C – Curved hedge trimmer secateurs with ergonomic handle

With a blade length of 23 cm, these The hedge shears have a non-stick coating to make cutting as clean and easy as possible.

It can be used for thick branches, hedges, bushes, etc. Thanks to its effective grip, it allows you to work with the tool in complete safety.

Hedge Shears Buying Guide

Buying hedge trimmers is not about going to a dollar store or hardware store, asking for one and paying for it. It would be all wrong. As well as go to any specialty garden store and do the same.

Before opening your wallet to pay them, you must make sure they are the most suitable for the use you want to give them. And this can be determined by several factors, such as the size or the type of scissors. Obviously, the price will also influence, or rather, the budget you have proposed to spend.

Let’s look at each of them individually.


In the market we can find many types of scissors, but perhaps the best known and most sold are the following:

  • One-handed manuals. They are smaller and ideal for cutting small hedges, weak branches etc.
  • Two-handed manuals. That is, you have to use them and you also have to use both hands. This generates the application of more force and pressure. But they tend to weigh more.
  • Telescopic. They can be extended to make cuts farther (in height).
  • electric. They are more like hedge trimmers, faster but you have to control the vibrations well so that they do not move away from you.
  • Of battery. They are cordless and allow you more maneuverability and freedom when working with them.


Cutting a large hedge with small scissors is not the same as cutting it with size-appropriate scissors. First, because you will make better cuts and second, because it will take less time to achieve. And that means you’ll get tired a lot less.

Therefore, when buying, use hedge trimmers, consider the size of hedges, bushes or trees you want to cut to choose the ones with the biggest or the smallest cut (remember that one thing is the total measurement of the scissors and another is that of the blade).

Of course, be careful with the weight of the scissors, because if they are very large they can be heavy and difficult to maneuver with.


As for the price, the truth is that This will depend on the type, size, blade material and even brand of scissors. can be found from 20 euro, but the best known and quality brands will be around 50 euros or even more.

Or buy?

buy hedge trimmer

You already know which hedge trimmers you should buy. But now it is necessary to know where to go to buy quality ones that have the type and size you need, don’t you think? We analyzed some stores and here is what we found.


We start from the principle that It doesn’t have as many models or items as you might get with other products., but the truth is that it beats all the stores. You will find all kinds of models, types, sizes… and that is why this makes Amazon the biggest store and where you will have more possibilities to find what you want.


At Bricomart, you have a section for cutters and scissors. But if we use his search engine and put in words like hedge trimmers or hedge trimmers, what he doesn’t return is that You did not find any articles corresponding to these terms.

This does not mean that there are no physical stores, it is possible that there are. But online they don’t have these scissors in the catalog.


Among the offers of items they bring, temporarily, the hedge trimmer is among the products that Lidl puts on sale at certain times of the year. The quality isn’t bad, but they don’t give you variety.

In other words, we are talking about a certain product that will be useful for a certain group of people. It won’t be for everyone. Even so, if so, it may be worth buying.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin has its own section for hedge trimmers. And although there are not many models, there are variety of them and it is easy for you to find the ideal ones trim hedges or other types of bushes and/or trees.

The facility of this store is that you can filter by type of blade, cut, blade material and cutting capacity, some important factors to consider.

Have you already chosen the ideal hedge trimmer for you?

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