How to buy outdoor stair railings

exterior stair railings

Safety must start with yourself. And when you have stairs, for example to access your house, to go down to the garden, etc., having external stair railings is the minimum because so you can hang on at all times to avoid accidents.

But, how should i buy them? Is anyone okay? What should be paid attention to? Are there any suitable? If you’re considering it, here’s a little guide to help you out.


Top 1. Best Outdoor Stair Railing


  • Easy cleaning.
  • Quick setup.
  • Availability for different measures.

The inconvenients

  • Materials are lacking.
  • They are not well.
  • Parts that are not stainless steel.

Selection of exterior stair railings

If you don’t like this first one, we kept looking for others and these are the ones we found with the best value for money.

Kacsoo Handrail for Stairs 1M

With possibility of buying it one meter, two or three, This handrail is made of galvanized sheet steel with wrought iron. It has a coating to resist weathering.

Relaxdays, brown aluminum handrail

This handrail can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has an oak wood look which makes it look more elegant (and also more expensive). The complete set is sold for easy assembly at home.

Relaxdays 10020766_635 Stair Railing

Available in several options, the one we present to you is one of the simplest you will find. It carries the complete set, that is to say the handrails, two posts and two crosspieces. In total one meter long in stainless steel.

Happybuy Black Stair Railing

With dimensions of 132.1 x 88.9 x 7.6 centimeters, you have a railing for 2-3 steps (these with a maximum height of 37 centimeters).

It is made of strong wrought iron and with a fairly simple installation.

Happybuy Handrail Black

It’s a railing that you can buy for 1-2 steps or, like this model, for 4-5 steps. The dimensions are 172 x 45 x 10.9 centimeters and it is made of formed iron.

What we like the most is the lower part, with an arch, which could well help the little ones to hold on.

Outdoor Stair Railing Buying Guide

Exterior stair railings are not only a safety element, but can also become decorative. At the same time that they are functional, they decorate. Therefore, the choice of these cannot be taken lightly. There is a lot of factors that can influence during their manufacture. Do you want to know which are the most important? We indicate this below.


Let’s start with the size. And for that you have to take into account the stairs you have. If they are small, a thick and long banister will be a big mistake; first, because it won’t fit in the space you have. And second, because they will take up space and prevent you from using them.

Therefore, when buying them, you need to make sure of both the length of the stairs and the width to prevent them from becoming unnecessary.


Keep in mind that right now the stair railings you are looking for are exterior. This means that you are going to have them outside in the open air, where they will endure the sun’s rays, the rain, the wind and ultimately all the weather.

Therefore, the materials you are most interested in are those that hold up. And what are they? Good metal, wrought iron, stainless steel, stone (marble, granite), fibreglass…

The truth is that in the market you have many options to choose from, but you have to make sure that it is treated or suitable for the outdoors.


Another aspect, already at the aesthetic level, is the color of the exterior railing. They are usually color white, black or wood. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in other colors (or even paint them yourself in some cases).


Finally, there is the price. This is perhaps one of the most important factors and the one you will consider when buying outdoor stair railings.

In the market you can find for 60-70 euros the most basic up to more than 200 in some cases.

How long should a stair railing be?

The railings are included in the General Ordinance of Town Planning and Construction, OGUC, which establishes the height at which we must place it.

However, we couldn’t find anything on whether it should be longer or shorter. In this sense, the railing must measure the entire space of the stairs. That is to say, if you have 3 steps, the guardrail must cover all of them and even exceed at both ends to provide a little more security.

If you are already guided by the height, you have to be about 95cm from the ground (from the base) and place it on a slope. If you have children, it is better to put a second one at 70cms.

How much does a stair railing cost?

Although we have already told you about the price of railings, the truth is that, generally speaking, the average cost of this accessory is generally around 170 euros per meter. Everything will depend on the materials you choose, dimensions, finishes, installation, etc.

Or buy?

buy outdoor stair railings

Now that we’ve cleared up a few important points, it’s time to get down to business. And that’s to buy your exterior stair railings. But where to do it?

We did a quick search for main stores and that’s what we found.


Compared to other products, in this case, you have few items to choose from, because it does not even reach 100. They are not bad options, on the contrary, but in terms of price you should compare from the outside in case they are cheaper by buying them elsewhere.


As an exterior stair railing we couldn’t find anything although it has a handrails and balusters section where you might find parts that are part of these railings.

When it comes to pricing, having to buy it separately is usually more expensive than buying everything together and ready to install.


Ikea complicates things for us, because really There is no item that matches your search for outdoor stair railings. Not even for the railings since the only thing sticking out is for the bed.

But this does not mean that in physical stores they do not have a catalog where they can be ordered on demand.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin does not disappoint, at least in the search for stair railings, because it has options that are not bad at all.

More or less same results, in quantity, that we found on Amazon so you don’t have many models to choose from. But price level, they are a little cheaper.

Have you already chosen the outdoor stair railings that can best match the decoration of your garden? Let us know your doubts!

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