How to buy patio awnings

How to buy patio awnings

When summer comes, it feels like being away from home. However, the sun is not as pleasant and can burn you or cause health problems. For this, terrace awnings are a solution. On the one hand you can enjoy the outdoors and on the other hand protect yourself from the sun.

But, which are the most suitable? What should you look for to buy one? If you need to buy patio awnings but have never cared about choosing the best one, here we give you the keys to do so.


Top 1. The best patio awning


  • Good shade and natural sun protection.
  • There are different sizes of blinds.
  • Easy to install.

The inconvenients

  • It is not stretched and rain can accumulate there.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Poor quality of materials.

Selection of patio awnings

We know that the first choice is not always the best because everyone has different needs. Therefore, here we leave you other options with good value for money.

OKAWADACH shade sail awning

Made of high density polyester. It is easy to install and its dimensions are 2×3 meters. It also has a rope to fix it where you need it.

AXT SHADE Rectangular shade sail awning 3 x 4 m

Available in different sizes and colors, this sail awning is made of polyester. It has a concave edge design so it can stretch much better and guy wires to install it.

Of course, it’s not 100% waterproof.

HAIKUS Rectangular Sail Cover 4×5 m

Made of high density polyethylene, it allows water and air to pass freely, while protecting against the sun’s rays.

It is easy to install and includes the tension cords to secure it.

Manual retractable awning for terraces

It has a height of 2-3 meters, a width of 3 meters and a canvas of 3 x 1.75m.

It has a crank and adapts to terraces providing good shade as well as protection from sun, rain and wind.

It is made of coated polyester and is washable.

Full awning SmartSun Classic 3x2m

Equipped with an aluminum structure, this blind is made of polyester fabric with a thickness of 280gr/m2.

It has a crank and 2 wall brackets included. In addition, the inclination can be adjusted.

Patio Awning Buying Guide

Terrace awnings are one of the essential elements to be able to go out into the garden and enjoy spring, summer and even autumn and winter without being disturbed or having problems because of it.

In general, buying them is not difficult, and several times, depending on the sun, weather, etc. you can consider one model or another. But what should you look for when buying one? We explain it below.


We start with the size. And it will not really depend on your terrace, but on what you want to cover. You may want the entire patio to be covered. But you might also want just a part.

The bigger it is, the more expensive the blind will be.


Generally, there are 4 types of materials used in patio awnings. These are:

  • Polyester. It is a synthetic fiber. The problem is that it degrades over time and doesn’t last long.
  • Polypropylene. It is very economical, but the sun’s rays “eat” the color and also the blind itself.
  • acrylic fiber It is best for outdoors as it adapts to the weather. It has a little maintenance, but it is quite durable.
  • micro-perforated fabric. It is the most modern material with better thermal insulation and breathability.


Unlike other outdoor products that are more limited, in the case of patio awnings the truth is that now They can be found in many different colors. It is true that the usual ones are brown, green or even black. But you also have white, beige, grey, blue, red…

Depending on your taste, you can choose one color or another. Some do this depending on whether they produce more or less heat (dark ones give more heat and light ones less), but in reality it is the material above all that can affect this aspect.


Here, it depends a lot on the type of blind chosen. If it’s a basis for 30 euros more or less you can find a suitable size. But if you want it more professional, you might need around $100 per awning to place it.

Which awning is best for a terrace?

Another point to take into account is the most suitable type of awning for a terrace. In this sense, the best is the hood. It can be semi-curved and quite square, although in some cases it is also rectangular.

Moreover, it can be fixed or mobile (that is, it remains fixed or you can open or close it as you wish).

Which is more expensive: an awning or a pergola?

An awning and a pergola do practically the same thing. However, they are different from each other.

In reality, pergolas will always be more expensive than awnings. Although it all depends on the materials, the size, the accessories (if they are covered, if they have glass, etc.).

But in general in this choice blinds are cheaper.

Or buy?

buy patio awnings

Finally, all you have to do is take the plunge and buy the patio awnings you need. And as we also want to accompany you in this, we have toured the main stores sought so that you know what you will find there.


On Amazon is where You have more choices since you not only have the products you have, but also third-party sellers. As for the prices, they are more or less the same as in the other stores, although it is worth checking if there is a cheaper one outside the store.


This may be where you will find more variety and products more suitable than the usual in Spain. These are “lifetime” awnings, so they will catch your eye.

As for the prices, we cannot say that they are cheap but they are different from other awnings that we find in other stores (these are more professional).


We went from multiple options to just one. This is what we found at Bricomart and it looks like units are limited so it’s possible that in the future they won’t have this item.


Inside parasols and candlesticks, Carrefour has an awnings and tents subsection with over a dozen products. However, your search engine does not allow you to select it and you would have to search page by page to find the articles you are looking for. Another option is to use the search engine by placing a terrace awning so that it offers you the most relevant to this search.


Ikea has its own section for awnings, but don’t expect it to offer you many products. They’re generic, with standard measurements, but they’re not bad for the price.

Leroy Merlin

In the awnings section at Leroy Merlin you can find two interesting subsections. On the one hand the facade blinds; on the other hand, the Custom made. In these two options you have patio awnings in different sizes, or to get a budget for your patio.

Have you already decided on the patio awnings you need?

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