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If you live in a city where there are pigeons, sooner or later you will find one of them perching on your windowsill, or leaving you a “little present”. Called “air rats”, they are not good animals as they are said to be capable of transmitting disease. And the last thing you want is to get infected. For this reason, many use anti-pigeon spikes.

But have you heard of them? Do you know what they are and how they work? And the best on the market? Here you will find all the necessary information about them.


Top 1. The best anti-pigeon spikes


  • It does not cause serious damage.
  • They prevent thieves from climbing the fences.
  • Stainless steel tips.

The inconvenients

  • They need more consistent support.
  • They may not last long.

Selection of pigeon tips

In fact, there are many anti-pigeon peaks, so we leave you with a selection of those that we have seen the most suitable.

Defender Narrow Plastic Bird and Pigeon Control Spike System

It is a system of anti-pigeon spikes of 5 meters. In addition, it also contains a CD with instructions and a 15-year warranty.

HOMENATUR Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes

Each kit contains stainless steel pigeon spikes, including 12 strips of spikes to cover a total of 3 yards.

It works not only with pigeons but also with seagulls, crows, blackbirds, swallows, sparrows…

Anti-bird kit 3 meters

It is also available in 6 and 9 meters, in this case it is made of weatherproof materials.

The guard spikes are 13cm wide at the widest point and are approximately 22cm long.

Xakay Pigeon Spikes 5 Meters

In this case the skewers are made of PP plastic, they are light, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. They are resistant to the climatic conditions of the sun, rain, etc.

There are 12 bird quills and each module has a total of 90 quills of varying lengths.

Pigeon IVIO CONTROL spikes with double-sided adhesive tape

Consisting of 3 meters of pigeon repellent to keep your space clean and bird free. It has a very simple assembly that will allow you to do it in just five minutes.

The package comes with 12 strips which cover a total of 3 meters, but each strip is 25cm.

Pigeon spikes buying guide

The pigeons are beautiful, we will not deprive ourselves of it. They are also living beings, and they deserve to have a place on the planet. But when these pigeons become stubborn and keep going to a place where you want to be quiet, it has to be remedied. And, for that, nothing better than to remedy it with some anti-pigeon spikes.

But how to choose the best on the market? Here we give you some keys to achieve this.


In general, on the market you can find two types of anti-pigeon spikes:

  • Adhesives, which can be stuck to surfaces and peeled off when no longer needed.
  • Stainless steel, which are small strips with spikes that are attached to the surface with screws.

Both are effective, although the stainless steel ones last longer than the adhesive ones.


As for the prices, the truth is that a lot will depend on the type and materials of which the skewers are made. But, in general, from 10 euros you can find favorable solutions to get rid of these birds. The more expensive ones could cost you around 40-50 euros.

What are Pigeon Spikes?

Pigeon spikes are a tool used to deter these birds, as well as others such as sparrows, from roosting in the area where we place them. It’s a way to keep them from standing in areas that destroy or mess it up later. This way you keep your whole house safe and clean.

They can be placed both in windows and on the roof and act as repellents to force pigeons to go elsewhere.

Are they prohibited?

Despite their name, we have to tell you that they don’t really die or take too much damage. These spikes are made of low profile polycarbonate, so pigeons will only feel a puncture, deterrent enough to find another spot to camp.

Therefore, no, they are neither prohibited nor dangerous, as long as they are made in such a way as to warn pigeons to stay away. If not, then yes, they would be a major problem.

How do I remove pigeons from my balcony?

In spring and summer, one of the “plagues” that you can experience is the appearance of pigeons, sparrows, seagulls and other birds that can cause problems with hygiene, medical care and maintenance. of the House.

If you have a balcony and cannot use it because of these birds, it is better to eliminate the problem. How? There are several methods to keep pigeons and other birds away from your balcony:

  • Visual repellents. In other words, use something that scares them, like a scarecrow, or hanging cds that, along with the light, scares them. Another option is the scarecrow owl, which is made of plastic and simulates a predatory animal towards them.
  • Block access. This can be by placing a mesh on the roofs, so they can pass through interior patios or lights, or by placing it around your balcony to prevent them from entering from any side.
  • Use anti-pigeon spikes. They can be placed around the balcony railing to prevent pigeons from roosting and thus avoid the problem.

Or buy?

buy anti-pigeon spikes

Now that you know more about anti-pigeon spikes, it’s time to buy them. But where? We give you some stores where to find them.


This is where you will have more options since its catalog is wider than in other stores. You have the choice between several prices and models.


At Bauhaus, you can find three different models of anti-pigeon spikes. As for its price, all are in line with the average price of this product.


At Bricomart you will find fewer products than in the previous store, only two models. Its price is affordable, given that one of the models is sold in quantity (there are 50 skewers).


Unlike other products, Carrefour has hardly any models to choose from for pigeon spikes, although the price of many is quite affordable.

Leroy Merlin

You can find the same number of products as at Carrefour at Leroy Merlin, which has its own department of anti-bird products so that you can make your home safer.

Here you will not only find spikes, but also other solutions and effective bird repellents.


We were unable to find any pigeon spikes at Lidl where they have solar powered bird repellent which can also work well to keep pigeons away.

Have you already opted for the most suitable anti-pigeon spikes for you?

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