How to buy plant stakes

plant stakes

When you have a plant, the normal thing is that if you take good care of it, it will grow. The problem is that some need a means of subsistence to do so, such as plant stakes.

Do you know how to buy the most suitable for your plant? And what do you need to do to create one at home? Find out all about it below in this guide we prepared.


Top 1. The best plant support


  • Made of coconut fiber.
  • It measures 150 x 5 x 5 centimeters.
  • Organic and quality materials.

The inconvenients

  • It may arrive broken.
  • It is very good.
  • It can be costly.

Selection of plant stakes

If this first one isn’t what you were looking for, we’ve selected other plant stands that you might find useful. Look at them.

Set of stakes and strings for plants

These are bamboo sticks. This product will give you 40 bamboo sticks and 20 yards of jute rope. It is ideal for small plants, shoots and plants that do not require a very large stake to keep upright.

Pllieay 30 12 inch green bamboo sticks with 60 green metal bows

In this case, these tutors are somewhat different than you might think. It is Bamboo stem holders ideal for finer plants such as orchids. This set consists of 30 rods of about 30 cm (there are also 44.5 cm) and a set of metal clips of about 20 cm each.

Hongyans 2 Pieces Climbing Plant Supports

This set is composed of two stakes about 40 centimeters high (they can be placed on top of each other) as well as a protection for the plants and a rope to tie the branches.

It is very easy to install thanks to its wooden stick at the base which allows easy nailing.

4 Piece Coconut Totem Stick

In this case you have four coconut fiber pegs as well as five labels, so that you can put the name of the plant and make it easy to recognize, two pieces of rope and one of natural thread.

Like other stakes, they can be mounted on top of each other to increase their size. Please note that according to the specifications they are 30 cm high each.

STN – Plant Moss Stem

This product consists of 6 coconut shell pegs about 40 centimeters high as well as a set of gardening tools.

This design is expandable, so you can place one stake on top of another to give it more height.

You also have 30 meters of garden bridle and 2 meters of natural yarn. Thanks to its wooden tip it is easy to nail and maintain without falling.

Plant Stake Buying Guide

We know that buying a plant stake is not complicated. In the market, many stores sell them at different prices depending on the height, the materials they are made of, etc. But buying the right one for your plant is not that easy. Factors such as size, material or ease of installation are points that must be carefully considered. Specifically, the following:


We start with the size. And we do it because If you have a two-meter plant, a 40-centimeter stake will not help you. It’s always best to buy a stake several inches higher than the plant (from the base) so that it has a chance to grow and continue to tangle without having to buy another one in a week. .


As for the color, the truth is that it is not so important. Most have a brown tone due to the fact that they are made with moss, coir, etc. But there are no colors other than green or black in the case of bamboo or plastic rods.


Bamboo, plastic, wood, foam… We could long cite different materials for plant supports. The best are those in foam with certain nutrients (such as coconut fiber, universal substrate, etc.) as they will provide more energy to the plant. But they will also be the most expensive.


And we come to the price. I have to say that Plant stakes aren’t expensive at all if you know how to look. You can find them between 1 and 3 euros in different sizes and of good quality. Of course, there can be more expensive ones, especially when made with lots of plant nutrients.

How to make a tutor?

If you do not want to buy a tutor in the store but do it yourself, the steps to follow are:

  • Obtain all materials: a bamboo stick or cane of a thickness suitable for the size of your plant; sphagnum (this is the most suitable because it retains water and allows plants to root better); wire or the like; scissors and water.
  • to put the foam in the water to hydrate and leave it for about 15-20 minutes. Once you have it, take a handful, squeeze out the excess water and lay it on a surface. You need to place it so that it covers the full height of the stick you are using (except the tip to nail you).
  • Once you have it, with the rope it is necessary to fix the structure so that it remains firmly attached. The more moss you use, the more layer you give and this will allow the plants to feed more.

How to guide a climbing plant?

If you already have a climbing plant and you’re tired of seeing it always hanging down, how about putting a stake for it? When the plant is already tall, when it comes to placing it, it is up to you to guide the plant. and it will be done roll up the branches of the plant yourself through the tutor.

Of course, we advise you to fix them because, if they are very long, it is possible that when you reach the end, everything comes undone. What some also do is glue the aerial roots to the stake, so that they take root and give the plant better support.

Or buy?

buy plant stakes

Now that you know a little more about plant stakes, do we give you some ideas where to buy them? We have analyzed these stores and here is what you will find.


On Amazon it might be where you will find more variety. But you have to consider the price. It’s not as cheap as other stores, even when talking about a set of multiple guards.

Also, when you want to buy big stakes, it can be more difficult to find them at a good price.

Brico Depot

We went from many results to one. And it is that in Bricodepot you will find only one product as a plant tutor, and it’s so wide and tall, plus it’s not prepared for plants, that it won’t work for you either (even if it’s cheap). Perhaps you could use it to create a stake yourself, but you will have to take into account the width of this one since, by equipping it with foam and the like, it will be even wider.


At Ikea, we found a plant stand with an intricate and very beautiful design. It looks a bit like bamboo sticks, which means it is meant for small plants.

When it comes to other tutors in your search engine, nothing stands out.

Leroy Merlin

Very different is Leroy Merlin, where he has a special section for plant tutors with more than 20 articles where to choose at quite affordable prices in most cases.

As you can see, plant stakes are essential if you have large plants at home as you will help them earn a living in order to grow more. What are you waiting for then to get the most suitable one for you?

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