How to buy wooden planters

wooden planters

There is nothing more beautiful for a terrace or a garden than to have wooden planters in which to enjoy magnificent plants. But sometimes we don’t know how to choose it.

If you want love gardening and have a wooden planter that will last you a long timeHere are the keys to getting the best on the market. You will surely end up enjoying it so much that you will buy more than one.

Top 1. The best wooden planter


  • It is a pack of two planters.
  • They have one curious shape.
  • It is weather resistant.

The inconvenients

  • Sacrifice to ability.
  • It is not good for planting a lot of things.

Selection of wooden planters

Buying a wooden planter is not easy because there are several in the market and it is possible that the one we have considered the best for you is not worth it.

So there you have others that are very good, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Natural wood planter with bark Relaxdays

In this case, although its title does not say so, the description tells us that we will receive a set of 3 rectangular potsone small, one medium and one large. The dimensions are: 15 x 32 x 23 cm; 14x26x17cm; and 11.5 x 20 x 13 cm.

Relaxdays Set of 3 Planters in 3 Sizes

Lot of 3 planters of a Same design but with three different sizes. You will have one of 15 x 46 x 23 cm; another 14 x 40.5 x 19 cm; and the last of 12.5 x 32 x 14.5 cm.

Best Goods Wooden Planters

With an original design, since it looks like a two-level trolley for planting in two different planters, it has a size of 35 x 58 x 38 cm.

It comes disassembled but with instructions to assemble it yourself (easily).

Dehner planter, approx. 104 x 19 x 17 cm, natural wood

This planter is quite basic, since, as can be seen in the product, it is simply a kind of drawer in different sizes. In addition, it is practical to apply a treatment to the wood before using it as a planter. But it allows you to be creative and paint it however you want.

blumfeldt Modu Grow – Raised Bed

It is a 100 x 50 x 45 centimeter planter that has a mesh inside so that the soil, or the roots, do not come out of the pot. It is made of solid pine wood and has air paint, ideal for keeping outdoors.

Wooden Planter Buying Guide

Wooden planters are not only decoratively beautiful (wood with the garden is always elegant) but also give you a place to plant flowers or small plants and enjoy their colors.

But sometimes It is not enough to know what you are going to plant in this pot, but to choose the best so that the plants can go forward and you can grow them for a long time. What should be paid attention to? For us, the important thing is:


We start with the size and it should be based on how much space you have. For example, if you’re going to put it on a balcony, the last thing you want is for the planter to take it all up and you can’t even get out.

Before going to buy a planter, be sure to measure the space and always buy a pot a little smaller than that space (to have slack). Above all, you have to pay attention to the width and height, but the shape of the planter will also influence (today there are square, rectangular or even curiously shaped planters). And finally, the bottom of it, especially if you want to plant plants that develop a lot of roots.


One of the advantages of wood is that it it is not a uniform color piece but it has its streaks, its darkest parts, other lighter ones, signs, etc. There are different shades of wood, and it can also be painted in other colors.


Finally we come to the price and in this case it will be determined by the size, type of wood, design, etc. Thus, it is easy find mini planters for 10 euros, planters for 20 and from there upwards.

How to protect the wood of a planter?

The vast majority of wooden planters are already treated so that you can use it without fear that it will deteriorate due to the use of water, due to bad weather… However, this does not mean that, once in a while, about once a year, when spring arrives, you no longer need to apply any product that protects this wood.

For this, the best you can use special carpentry oils, recommending flax seeds and walnuts. These help to form a film that protects the micro-cracks that the wood may have and, thus, prevents the appearance of fungi, bacteria, humidity, insects, etc.

By the way, it does not hurt that in winter, if you do not use the planter, protect it with plastic, especially if it rains, to prevent it from damaging the wood. Likewise, if you also give it a layer to protect it from the sun, you will ensure that it does not lose the characteristic color of this wood.

What can I plant in a planter?

This question is a little more complicated than the previous one, because in fact in a wooden planter you can plant whatever you want. Another thing is that once what you plant has grown, you have to transplant it because it’s too big to be in.

But overall, You can plant both flowering plants, green plants, such as fruits, vegetables, etc. In the case that they are larger plants such as trees, shrubs or that need a lot of space, it is taken into account that they are like “seed beds”, when the plant is already taken out and is ready, it is removed and planted in another place.

But if you don’t want to do that, opt for those that can be enjoyed in a planter. For example: strawberries, petunias, jasmine, lettuce, daisies, radishes, begonias, marigolds…

Or buy?

buy wooden planters

You already know what wooden planters are used for, what to look for, but do you know where to buy the best one? Or where to find more models to choose from? Don’t worry, that’s what we found in some of the larger stores.


On Amazon, that’s where we found more variety. Keep in mind that its catalog is quite extensive and that makes find both the basic ones and those quirky or never-seen-before wooden planters. Now there are not as many as other products.

As for the prices, some are expensive, but it is also true that many are original and have not been seen regularly in the gardens (which pays for the novelty).


Inside planters and outdoor pots, at Ikea, filtering by material, we find that they only have four wooden planters. Of these four, only one with trellis. All of them are very basic, that is, don’t expect great designs.

The price is not bad for the size of the planters.

Leroy Merlin

You will find many other models at Leroy Merlin, where you will have different shapes, sizes and even colors. Also, the prices vary a bit and you can find cheap ones and others with a higher price.

Having wooden planters isn’t just decorative, but according to experts, plants can help lift your mood. So why not try to have one on your terrace, garden or even on your apartment balcony or window?

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