How to get rid of woodworms with vinegar: the best tips and tricks

learn how to eliminate woodworms with vinegar

Woodworm is the name of a specific group of beetles known to us. There are different types, but they all have one thing in common: they feed mainly on wood. These beetles can cause a lot of problems in the home as they feed on wood. There are many ways to eliminate woodworms, but some are more effective than others. Here we will teach you how to remove woodworms with vinegar an effective form.

In this article we are going to explain to you what are the steps that you must take into account to learn how to eliminate woodworms with vinegar.


Characteristics of the woodworm

how to remove woodworms with vinegar

These insects (which feed on wood) are called xylophiles. The origin of the word comes from Latin and is formed by the words xilo (wood) and fago (to feed, to eat). With this name, the goals and preferences of these wood-eating insects are clear.

You should know that the woodworm exerts its destructive effects mainly in the larval stage. It is at this stage of their development that food needs are greatest and most urgent. For this reason, the insects develop a significant aggressiveness towards the wood during this phase of growth.

In the adult stage, the woodworm (also called wood moth in some countries) changes from the larval stage to the beetle stage. This is when you review and change your habits. And this is clearly reflected in his food needs: he no longer eats wood (in fact, he no longer eats any food). So, from then on, she will put aside her destructive actions against him.

This does not mean that the adult woodworm should not be treated and tried to eliminate it, if it lays eggs in the wood of our house, the larvae will be a serious problem in its natural feeding behavior.

Why do woodworms feed on wood?

woodworm characteristics

When they are in the larval stage, these different types of beetles have in their digestive system a series of bacteria with very specific properties: those which transform cellulose, a type of substance always present in wood.

In the same way, some types of these wood-boring insects have enzymes that even allow them to break down cellulose.

Interestingly, there is also a woodworm that does not feed on the wood itself… its function is to feed on the various fungi that appear on the wood while it is in a state of decomposition.

It is important to note that woodworms always prefer soft woods such as pine or cedar… Tropical woods (teak, mahogany, ipe, etc.) are resistant to these insects and will never be attacked by this type of insects. This is due to the high hardness of this wood, which makes it difficult for the larvae to bite and chew.

These xylophagous insects prefer “dead” wood, whether it is that which makes up a structure, furniture or a beam, or that which belongs to the trunks of fallen trees and which is in a state of decomposition. “Living” wood, that which is still in the tree, that is to say the tree itself, is not attacked by these xylophagous bugs.

How to remove woodworms with vinegar

vinegar to remove woodworms

As incredible as it may seem, it is a beetle-like insect that lives on wood. So it can be a problem for the furniture in our house. This little insect can become a major nuisance in our everyday life, as we told you: it can wreak havoc in our style of decoration.

It is very small, brown and cylindrical in shape. As unbelievable as it may sound, many people have no idea what it is and it can affect anyone in every corner of their home. We’ve talked about those “bugs” that feed on wooden furniture, but don’t worry because you’ll learn how to kill woodworms with vinegar.

You should check if this infection is active. For this, you have to see that a yellowish powder is found in the holes left by these termites, and if this is the case, it is because they are alive and eating your furniture.

There are different types of woodworms:

  • Anabids: They are very small and cause a lot of outrage in our furniture. They have a small chin and three blades, are slightly curved and are brown in color. It spawns in the nearest wood crack. These are the most common.
  • From the floor: They are usually found on hard, damp surfaces. A little bigger than the previous ones, but they have the same destructive power. They are white and leave a very fine powder when eaten.
  • Large: They lay their eggs on the bark, compared to the other two they are very large and can measure from 1.2 mm to 10 mm. But it usually doesn’t re-infect the wood in any way.

This treatment is very simple and easy to implement, and some equipment that you can get at home is enough to achieve the objective: to kill this intruder. In addition, we tell you that you have to be disciplined when it comes to eliminating these beetles because they do not disappear overnight.

You need few materials:

  • White vinegar: It is used to repel insects.
  • Isopropylic alcohol (You can get it at the market or in a pharmacy).
  • Lemon

The combination of these three ingredients will do wonders to eradicate the plague. Also, if possible, you should have a wide brush, a container and a spray bottle handy. An important fact: moths first hide in the nooks and crannies of furniture, which is why these aspects should be emphasized when using vinegar for extermination.

How to remove woodworms with vinegar step by step

Now we are going to give you a step by step to get rid of woodworms with vinegar, very easy to do. Once you have confirmed that it is infested with termites, you can use this method:

  • Pour white vinegar into a bowl.
  • Put a few drops of lemon (about 3 or 4 drops).
  • Add a tablespoon of alcohol to the mixture.
  • Mix for a few minutes.
  • Then remove the mixture on the affected surface, as we mentioned in the previous section, cover the corners and every hole that the insects have made.
  • Let stand 24 hours.
  • Repeat this process about 3 times to increase the effect.

That’s all, if you see that the problem persists, you will have to resort to other more aggressive means to attack the pest. But you can’t just use this method, you can find other ways to use vinegar to get rid of psyllids online which will be helpful for you. We recommend it because it is fast and efficient. You can also mix it with water, hot or cold.

Vinegar is not only a food companion, it can also be used to destroy insects, it is also widely used in household cleaning, and it has several properties that can help you in any situation. Its properties help disinfect any space and can even be used to treat fungus on human skin. Its many advantages are:

  • Unlike those expensive cleaners, is very cheap.
  • It is natural, its preparation is simple, it does not contain chemicals, it simply goes through a fermentation process.
  • It can help you with many household chores.
  • Isolate fungi, bacteria from contaminated surfaces.
  • Whiten dark areas.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It is an excellent antioxidant.

These are some of the most relevant benefits that can be found in this product. This makes it the king of other potentially very dangerous and infectious chemicals.

I hope with this information you can learn more about how to remove woodworms with vinegar.

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