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Ornamental plants have the gift of attracting you to them. It is always a pleasure to see its colors brighten up gardens and even indoor environments. Although loved and admired, many are not attracted to their culture due to the complexity involved.

there is easy decorative indoor plants for growing; you just need the correct information about these plants. We can’t wait to once again introduce you to one of the easiest ornamental plants to grow: the cigar plant. We are sure you must have seen it. the cigar plant because they are quite popular.

we will discuss The guide to growing and caring for cigar plants† But first, what is the cigar plant?


cigar plant background

botanical name igneous cuphea
common name Cigar Factory, Fireworks Factory
light Full sun, partial shade
the type of soil moist, well-drained
soil pH Neutral, Acid
Plant type: Perennial, Annual
Toxicity Nontoxic
Original Mexico.

the cigar plant, also known as Firecracker, Cigar Flower, Mexican Cigar, etc. It is a species of evergreen tropical flowering shrub, in the family Lythraceae. The word Ignae in the botanical name Cuphea ignea is derived from a Latin word meaning fire or bright red. The plant is perennial; it can live more than 2 years and measure between 12 and 25 inches in length and width.

It comes in the form of small leaves with a range of colors from light green to dark green. the very conspicuous cigar plant red flower looks like fireworks.

The flowers have black and white tips and a tubular shape, like a cigar. The plant gets its name from the resemblance of the white border to a lit cigar. The cigar plant can be grown as an annual in many other regions, but it can also flower throughout the year and produce different colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, etc.

Image: Pink Cigar Factory/Neefer Duir, Flickr †

The cigar plant is one of the ornamental plants that can be described as easy to grow. Although they may seem temperamental at first, they are easy to get used to and you will find them easy to grow before long. Cultivation and maintenance of the cigar plant it helps prepare you for other plants to be properly cared for. Here’s everything you need: grow and maintain your cigar plant.

Cigar factory requirement:s

the cigar plant is known to be easy to grow, as long as you have the right requirements. The requirements below model the origin of the plant, allowing it to grow in the healthiest way possible.

1. light

Lighting is very important for the growth of the cigar plant. Likes full sun to partial shade. If you live in temperate regions, it is recommended and best to place them where they can get full sun. Inability to access full sun will result in slow growth, brown spots on the foliage, and the plant will remain compact.

of them. Humidity

The cigar plant comes from the tropical region and if you know any plants there, you know that they are medium to high humidity lovers. So if you don’t have a lot of humidity in your space, you can look for alternatives to take care of the humidity. that is, regularly spray the plant in winter, especially if it is in a room where heat is produced. In summer, we recommend that you buy a plant humidifier or water it regularly.

3. Water

Adequate watering is recommended for the cigar plant as the plant likes to stay moist. However, the plant also has a high risk of root rot. It is best to increase watering during the active growing season and significantly decrease it in winter. the plant should be watered when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. For best results, we recommend creating a watering schedule that suits your plant’s needs.

Four. Below

Due to its tropical origin, the cigar plant will grow well in a wide variety of soils, as long as they are fertile and well-drained. The plant loves moisture and is also very susceptible to root rot. An important factor in determining soil type is to consider soil and pot drainage.

Cigar Plant Care Guide

5. Temperature

The cigar factory should be protected from strong winds and sub-zero temperatures. Since they are frost sensitive plants, they can only thrive in USDA 10 to 12. You can grow the cigar plant as an annual or bring it indoors when frost hits if you find yourself in a place where the winter is severe.

6. fertilizer

Although cigar plants flower very well without the aid of fertilizer, you can feed them throughout the growing season to further encourage flowering. It is recommended to feed them with diluted manure to avoid damage. In spring and summer, they can also be fed once every three weeks. In winter, however, fertilizers should be omitted.

Propagation of Cigar Plants: Cultivation of cigar plants

The spread of the cigar plant is irresistible; you will always want more. It’s so nice to let you know that spreading this beauty is as simple as the word. The plant can be propagated via stem cuttings and seeds, and you don’t have to wait long to get them! Follow the steps below to propagate your cigar plant.

Propagation of cigar plants by cuttings.

Cuphea ignea, cigar plant, 2.5″

Cuphea ignea, cigar plant, 2.5″

  • flowering miniature plants; needs sun
  • Container Size: 2.5; 30.00in tall, extends 30.00in
  • zone: 10, bloom: January to January
  • Return period of 60 days from delivery

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  1. Identify and select a healthy, mature plant. Make a cut about 3 to 4 inches long.
  2. Get rid of the leaves below and dip the clear end of the cuttings in rooting hormone (your plant will grow just fine even if you don’t).
  3. Prepare a container with fresh potting soil and plant the cuttings in it. Water the soil regularly to keep it moist.
  4. Your plant will develop its root system in a few weeks. When the root is strong enough, they can be transplanted into other individual pots or into the garden.

Propagation of cigar plants by seeds.

It is best to sow cigar seed in late spring. Growing indoors first is also an option. The seed should be gently placed in the ground. It should not be too deep, just deep enough that rain or wind cannot wash it out of the ground, with a temperature of 22 degrees C. In about 10 days the seed will begin to sprout.

Let them grow for another 8-10 weeks before transplanting them outdoors or into other pots.

200 cigar seeds

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Cigar plant maintenance: how to take care of your cigar plant?

  1. The cigar plant is not susceptible to diseases and pests. However, they attract birds and insects.
  2. The plant can become long, especially if exposed to the sun for a long time. The size keeps it clean and beautiful. Pinching also makes room for more flowers.
  3. The plant is drought tolerant and that means it can suffer from some water neglect. However, it should not stay dry for long.
  4. Keep in mind that overwatering can still lead to root rot. Therefore, the need for water is moist soil, not overwatered soil.
  5. Flowering all year round largely depends on where you live.
  6. The cigar plant is not known to be toxic to pets and humans.

final thoughts

Besides being a beautiful plant to look at, few people know that the oil from the cigar plant can be used in cooking. Many other studies can prove that the plant extract can be used to treat stomach ulcer. Who knows, you might even grow a medicinal plant in your home.

The main requirement for the cigar factory is attention. Be ready to give a lot.

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