How to make a homemade chicken feeder

In our DIY section and especially because of the theme of chickens, today I bring something that follows this line to complete the chicken coopafter finishing it and after finishing it installed in the orchardcan buy a feeder.

chicken feeder

But in this post we will see, much better, how to make one or more (depending on the number of animals) homemade chicken feeders. By doing so, we save money and, most importantly, increase capacity and satisfaction.


Benefits of this homemade chicken feeder

This kind of homemade chicken feeders come in handy especially for cases like when we don’t live in the area where we have the chickens. With its large capacity, it will keep the hens busy for days.

On the other hand, it also helps us, due to their size, to often avoid rodent problems, when they come to the chicken coop in search of food. These are, among others, the advantages that we tell you about in the video.

Pawhut Chicken Coop Outdoor Wooden Enclosure Integrated Cleaning...

Pawhut Chicken Coop Outdoor Wooden Enclosure Integrated Cleaning…

  • ✅ A LARGE SPACE TO MOVE: This chicken coop incorporates a fenced outdoor area, which allows them to move around without worrying about predators.
  • ✅ COMPACT AND MOBILE DESIGN: With this chicken coop you can have your birds without taking up too much space. With 2 wheels that facilitate movement.
  • ✅REASONABLE STRUCTURE: Includes a nest box that can be opened to easily collect eggs. Inside the house there are two perches for the hens to climb on. In addition, it incorporates a ramp that connects the house to the lower floor where they can run outside without worrying about predators, since it is fenced.
  • ✅ EASILY ACCESSIBLE: The roof opens to facilitate maintenance of the habitat. In addition, it includes a removable bottom tray to be able to clean it easily. It’s so easy to take care of your birds!
  • ✅ TOTAL DIMENSIONS: 213 x 91 x 122 cm (LxWxH). Measures of the galvanized wire mesh 1x1cm.

You also have the option of creating your own. homemade waterer for chickens or animals in general.

In fact, making one of these homemade chicken feeders is one of the easiest DIYs we can do and requires virtually no tools. I invite you all to do it and see how good it will be for your pets.

Materials and steps to make the chicken feeder

There is not a lot of material we will need:

  • A PVC drain pipe of about 1 meter
  • two elbows
  • a plug

As you can see in the following video, the steps are very simple. We glue the parts with special glue for PVC. We place the glue inside the joints and we do it quickly since the glue melts the material so that the parts adapt better to each other.

homemade chicken feeders

The first thing we do is join the two elbows.

Then we add them to the tube.

Finally, we place the cover at the other end of the tube, on the opposite side to where we placed the U that we made with the elbows.

In our case, the tube is the size of the chicken coop, so the cover is outside of it, but this can be adapted to different needs or types of chicken coop.

Finally, what we did was place a piece of wood to hold the feeder up with a metal flange.

And that’s it, we already have a homemade chicken feeder with few materials and very accessible.


We have many options to make our chicken feeders, I like to use easily obtainable materials and make our own chicken feeders, if it is true that we can think that buying a chicken feeder is always the best option, but I bring you a way to make a homemade automatic bird feeder which we will have to worry about for a long time to feed our chickens or our ducks.

automatic chicken feeder

the best of it bird feeder is that we won’t need to protect it from bad weather or humidity, so we can have it outside with our free range hens. An ideal addition for those of us who like to take care of chickens.


The materials are easy to get and inexpensive compared to a commercial feeder we can buy at least this size.

Here I explain step by step how you can make this autoloader:

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homemade chicken feeders

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