How to perfume with scented candles with flower scents

It is perhaps the idea of ​​recreating the most loved environments and re-adapting them to your home, to the environments that you like the most, to work, to have made scented candles aromas so popular, indispensable and essential that pamper our sense of smell, makes us happy. even at different times of the day. the scented flower candles have reached a really exorbitant peak of diffusion in recent years, conquering many people who like to be accompanied by the smell of their favorite flowers or their favorite perfumes in every room of the house, when they meditate, when they receive a guest or simply in the moment of a relaxing bath.

The most used natural scented candles are those that diffuse the scents of flowers and fruits, of the sea and the mountains or of a certain season of the year in the rooms, returning the essence that diffuses and spreads immediately and which stimulates the senses. Relax. They can be a welcome gift to give to your friends or you can make your own by following simple steps and using pieces of dried fruit or flowers, depending on the scent you prefer. In the first case, however, pay attention to the choice of the right perfume because, like the perfume for the body, the aroma of the candle is also very personal.


Homemade candles to create and have fun

Making a homemade scented candle can really be a piece of cake since the operation consists of a very simple procedure. And if we say that it can also be an economic tip, as well as an opportunity to develop latent creative abilities, there is absolutely no reason not to make your own personalized and scented candle from the flowers of his garden at home.

Before proceeding with the operation, it is necessary to establish the intended use of the perfume. This means that if you want to scent your kitchen, you can opt for the use of lemon peels to give a fresh and appropriate aroma to that room of the house. In the bedroom we recommend a lavender scent, a very relaxing scent that helps in case of difficulty falling asleep. Finally, if you are anxious, you can use cloves or chamomile, known for their calming properties.

For the make a scented candle It is essential to get wax, preferably organic and natural beeswax, or you can use paraffin mixed with stearin, chemicals obtained from oil already sold together in the market . At this point, it’s time to think about the wick that you can find in DIY stores and the mold to buy or that you can replace with a yogurt pot or a resistant plastic base. It is essential to grease the mold with oil so that the candle comes out once cooled. Finally, you can color the wax by adding a piece of wax crayon to the set when cooking.

scent your candle

To add the aroma you need to get essential oils which can reproduce any aroma you intend to seek. You can use essential oils that you need to add as the last step in creating your candle and finish your small but great work of art in the best possible way!

It is important to personalize your candle as well as possible because often a memory is linked to a particular scent that only the right perfume essence can evoke and draw you into the image you want to dream of.

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