How to pick fruit from high branches

When fruit trees grow tall, one often wonders how to harvest the fruit that grows tall. In professional orchards, fruit trees are often bred in such a way that they grow little and there are no such problems. Pruning operations and the choice of a dwarf rootstock make it possible to create small trees in which almost everything can be taken from the ground.

Those who instead choose to leave the tree a little freer to grow, perhaps to have some nice foliage to shade the garden, will wonder how to get to the top of their plant. The fruits of the highest branches, which are also the sunniest, often ripen first. In a tree a few years old, raised in a pot or left free in the canopy, a good part of the harvest is not accessible from the ground.

For harvesting olives or nuts, it is used shake the branches to make the fruit fall to the ground, this technique is obviously not suitable for fresh fruit, which would be damaged in the fall.

The scale This can be a solution, although it is not always the best: if the branches are very high and the ground is steep, it may not be stable and harvesting becomes a dangerous operation.

fruit pickers

To avoid fatigue and accidents among garden tools, there are a few fruit picking tools, usually telescopic rods with a tray or bag at the end, sometimes equipped with a knife or shears for cutting the twig. The risk of these systems is first that the fruits are thrown away a lot and then rot after a few days. Also, the bag and shear picker is not always easy to use, especially if the fruit is very small (such as sour cherries and cherries) or if the stem is difficult to reach from the shear because it is too short, twisted or covered with leaves.

L $0027fruit picking tool was reinvented by Valmas, who patented an effective system for pick any type of fruit without damaging it and without having to climb on the plant. The idea is to simulate the work that the hand does when choosing.

The tool consists of a long rod that ends in a sphere divided into two parts, a controllable rope along the entire length of the handle allows, with a simple gesture, to close the two halves of the ground. Cuando la esfera se cierra, una brida de metal sujeta la fruta, como lo harían los dedos de la mano, manteniéndola en la esfera hasta que se déprende, mientras que el interior tiene una forma diseñada para minimizar el impacto, como si una mano tomara the fruit.

The fruit picker offered by Valmas is available in two versions: the tool with fixed handle reaches up to four meters and weighs only 900 grams, if you want to extend the extension, you must choose the telescopic fruit picker which weighs 1.7 kg and reaches up to 5 and a half meters from the ground.

The tool can also be purchased on Amazon.

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