Is it possible to grow sycamore in Spain?

The sycamore is a big tree

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When we see a plant we like, like sycamore, we usually want to buy it. But in order not to spend money in vain, it is very important to know its characteristics and everything you need to grow well.

So if you are one of those wondering if it is possible grow a sycamore in spainso we are going to talk at length about this topic.


What is the origin of the sycamore?

The sycamore in Spain is delicate

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The sycamore, whose scientific name is ficus sycamore, It is an evergreen or semi-deciduous tree that grows in Africa, specifically in the northeast and center of the continent, as well as in northern and southern Arabia.. It is also possible to see it in the north of Madagascar, but it is rarer. It was a tree much appreciated by the ancient Egyptians, where it was already cultivated around the third millennium BC. VS. ; in fact, they were eaten both fresh and dried, and were even used to treat digestive problems as they were believed to have medicinal properties.

Our protagonist is a tropical plant that usually lives near rivers or streamsalmost always in forests where there are other types of plants.

What climate do you prefer?

To better understand what climate the sycamore tree needs, let’s look at the climate chart for Namibia, where it grows wild. In doing so, we will immediately realize that not only are the average temperatures high, between 21 and 31ºC, but it also rains a lot during the first months of the year, and a little less the rest. Indeed, like other countries close to the equator, they receive monsoon rains.

The sycamore lives in tropical regions

the sycamore it is not a tree that can thrive in temperate regions, because it will hardly withstand moderate frosts. It can only be if it is planted in an area protected from the wind. As for the cold, it tolerates it because in its natural habitat it can do it at night, but only if the thermometer does not drop below 0º.

What are their characteristics ?

The sycamore is a very large tree

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Now let’s talk about the characteristics of sycamore. It is a large tree that reaches a height of 20 meters and can develop a crown 6-7 meters wide. The roots, like all the others (ficus)They are long and very strong.. It is easy for them to exceed 20 meters in length, and even to protrude a little from the ground if it is soft.

It is also important to know that its figs are edible. They are about 3 centimeters in diameter and grow throughout the year, especially in spring-summer. However, you must take into account that it is better not to place it near paved floors, because when it falls to the ground, it gets quite dirty. It can be removed with a garden hose or a mop, but hey, if you don’t want to have to do that, plant it in an area of ​​the garden where there is only soil.

And by the way, keep it away from soft pipes, walls and sidewalks. At a minimum, you must be about ten meters from them.

Is it possible to have a sycamore in Spain?

The sycamore is a tropical tree

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And finally, let’s see if it can be grown in Spain or not. As we have said, it is a tropical plant that lives near waterways, so to have it well, in good condition, it must be planted in a place that meets these conditions:

  • Weather: warm and frost-free. Also, it should rain frequently for at least three months a year, and a little less the rest.
  • Ground: fertile, that is to say rich in nutrients and well drained.
  • Beach umbrella: it is a tree that must be in a sunny place.

But beware, despite what it may seem, it is not an excessively demanding tree. Of course, if there are severe frosts in your area, you will need to protect it with an antifreeze sheet, in a heated greenhouse or indoors, but you can also you can create a suitable microclimate for your plant in the garden. How come?

Well, for example plant evergreen and tall hedges serve as a windbreak. Believe it or not, sometimes more than the frost itself, what causes the most damage to delicate plants is the cold air. I myself have a tropical bromeliad Aechmea fasciata planted in the ground in Mallorca since 2019 and being very protected, it survives the winters without problems, and we have had frosts down to -2ºC.

For this reason, I insist, it is best to grow sycamore in a place where the climate is warm all year round, but if it is the case that in your area there are mild and occasional frosts, do not hesitate to plant it in the ground if you have space for it (and if not, you can always prune it back in late winter or spring and have it as a small tree) and protect it from the wind.

I hope this article on sycamore was helpful to you. If you wanted to know more about this tree, click here:

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