Leek cultivation

The leek (Allium porrum) is a horticultural plant of the Liliaceae family, very interesting to grow for its many uses in the kitchen and because it is harvested almost all year round and therefore it is perfect as a winter vegetable, it resists well frost at a time when the garden is often empty.

The relationship of leek with garlic and especially with onion is immediately noticeable by its marked flavor, ideal for flavoring many recipes.

In terms of pests and diseases, it is not very complicated to manage, you have to pay special attention to the leek fly and prepare the ground so that there is no stagnant water that can cause diseases to the plant.

Contents [Ocultar]

  • Planting and transplanting

  • Sixth cycle of planting and cultivation

  • Growing leeks in the organic garden

    • harmful insects

    • leek diseases

Seeds and grafts

The leek is sown at the end of winter, staggered sowing can be done, initially in the nursery in a heated bed, by making several transplants, from the end of April. There are different varieties, so you can choose summer and winter leeks. The seed germinates in about ten days and can be transplanted after a month. Seedlings are transplanted bare-rooted when they are about 10-15 cm tall. Once transplanted, they must be watered abundantly.

For those who want to dive into the planting operation, they can read the article dedicated to planting leeks.

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