Marina Ferrara Hanging Gardens: Review

Here is a quick manual to learn how to grow vegetables on your terrace or windowsill offered by Età dell$0027Acquario Edizioni. » Suspended vegetables is not a generic horticultural manual: the subject is container growing and there are many specific tips that are useful to know. It is not automatic that those who have the experience of the traditional garden know how to cultivate on the balcony: this book therefore guides us in the choice of the pot and the soil, in the way of nourishing and in what quantity to water the plants and in all aspects typical of the balcony garden.

The book is also very suitable for those unfamiliar with agriculture: nothing is taken for granted and even basics such as planting times and vegetable classifications are explained in a clear and enjoyable way. A rich set of tables accompanies the explanations and is an ideal tool to consult when needed, so as not to get lost in subjects as vast and difficult to remember as associations.

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In addition to the technique during the introduction and during the reading, the philosophy of why to cultivate the balcony also emerges: to protect biodiversity, to be eco-sustainable and to rebel against a hectic lifestyle that does not respect the environment. . Farming takes passion, and this book helps fuel that passion, giving good reasons to take up urban farming, even on a small scale.

If you are interested in the book, you can find Hanging Gardens here where in addition to buying the book with a discount, you can find the first 20 pages downloadable for free in pdf it’s worth a look, otherwise you can also find it on Amazon.

The author, Marina Ferrara deals with sustainability with the association “le storie di altro” and the beautiful Ecopasticci blog, has a clear and pleasant style of writing, so much so that reading everything seems incredibly easy and after completing this manual, the reader cannot prevent yourself from colonizing your balcony with vases and vegetables. Another excellent text by Marina is the one dedicated to the synergistic garden.


Highlights of Marina Ferrara’s book

  • It contains all those tricks related to balcony growing that even those who have years of gardening behind them may not know.

  • In this book, everything seems very simple, even if the explanation is never superficial.

  • We are talking about natural agriculture without the use of chemicals and with a view to sustainability.

To whom I recommend this book in the balcony garden

  • who has always dreamed of a garden but lives in a condominium.

  • To those who want to revolutionize their way of life as citizens.

  • As the author’s dedication says: Dedicated to Resistances, small and large. To those who do not submit to the consumer society, To those who are still sowing for those who will come later.

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