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Phytotherapy and herbal medicine: beautiful and healthy hair

The dream of every woman is to have beautiful, flowing and healthy hair, to be caressed and pampered. But not all ladies and young girls can expect to have the thick hair of a lion. Indeed, stress, pollution, dyes, inadequate nutrition and atmospheric agents can often cause serious damage to the hair, which becomes dull, dry and thin. Frequent washing and drying (with a hair dryer at high temperatures) further damages the hair. Finally, age can contribute to weakening and loss. However, nature offers us precious allies in the fight against hair loss. Phytotherapy and phytotherapy, today,

Home remedies for hair: onion

Grandmother’s remedies have always been widely used for the beauty, maintenance and protection of hair. The famous 100 brushes per day, highly praised in antiquity, are however neither sufficient nor effective in the event of weakening of the hair, on the contrary they often contribute, if they are done with force, to alter and weaken the structure of the hair. making it more fragile. Herbs and medicinal plants (wild or cultivated in the garden) are on the contrary a very simple and effective remedy: infusions, compresses and decoctions (the most common methods). But also in the kitchen you can find useful and cheap natural products like onions. The onion is therefore not only a fundamental ingredient for preparing delicious dishes, but it can also become a valid ally to give charm and charisma.

Properties of onion for hair health

The onion, queen of the kitchen, is not only a food but also an inexhaustible source of elements that help maintain shape, beauty and health. This fantastic bulb is rich in mineral salts and trace elements (sulfur, iron, potassium, magnesium, fluorine, calcium, manganese and phosphorus), vitamins (A, B, C and E) and many enzymes that stimulate the metabolism cellular. For hair care, onion can be used in different ways. The first method is very simple: it is cut into small slices and applied directly to the head, rubbing well to penetrate the juice, then washed off with many rinses. The second method is the infusion: bring the water to a boil, add the onion, wait about 10 minutes, then strain and use after shampooing to strengthen the hair.

To combat hair loss with onions, it is also possible to macerate with alcohol. The process is not complicated. It is enough to take 4 large onions, cut them into slices and put them in a container with alcohol, leave them in the dark for 3 days, then strain them. The filtered compound can be simply rubbed into the scalp in the parts affected by hair loss or thinning. By combining the external use of onion with a diet rich in sulfur, hair can be strengthened and baldness can be eliminated. The right shampoo and conditioner are essential for a good wash. Daily hair care is very important for the psychophysical well-being of women but also of men. Self-esteem may also depend

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