Oregano tea – Tips for my garden


The characteristics of Origanum vulgare.

The Origanum genus belongs to the Lamiaceae family, and two species belong to this genus, which are widely used in cooking. These are Origanum vulgare, simply called oregano, and Origanum majorana, called marjoram. From these plants, by drying the leaves, spices are obtained which are mainly used as condiments in cooking. Oregano is widely used in Greek cuisine, and also in our Italian cuisine: it is used to season pizzas, tomato sauce, roast meats. Its peculiarity is that over time it does not lose flavor, on the contrary, it intensifies its aroma. Not everyone may know that using oregano to flavor dishes helps bloating sufferers combat this problem. But this is not the only virtue of oregano.

oregano plant

The name oregano comes from two Greek terms, namely oros, which means mountain, and ganos, which means splendor. Thus, oregano is the splendor of the mountains: and indeed its plant is very pleasing to the eye and usually grows in mountainous areas. Its flowers are pinkish white and are gathered in elegant spikes at the top of the stems. For culinary use, the leaves and apical tips are harvested; in herbal medicine, the whole plant is used, both fresh and dried. From the oregano plant, for example, we obtain an essential oil that has beneficial properties, if used as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Very effective, in addition to being aromatic, the infusion of oregano can be used to treat various illnesses and calm the symptoms of certain common ailments, such as the common cold.

The properties of oregano infusion

Oregano infusion is prepared with two or three teaspoons of the dried plant, placed in a container and then covered with 250 ml of boiling water. Oregano should be left to infuse for ten minutes, closing the container with a lid. The liquid obtained, before drinking it, must be filtered to remove all residues of the oregano itself. The infusion is drunk, once cooled, two or three times a day. The infusion of oregano can be used in three cases: if you are cold, because it contains flavonoids; if you suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, since it is antispasmodic and promotes intestinal transit; if you suffer from menstrual pain, as oregano is a natural pain reliever. Moreover, drinking oregano tea is good for you in any case,

Infusion of oregano: Other properties of oregano

The infusion of oregano can therefore also be taken simply for preventive purposes, and not only to treat ongoing illnesses. In addition, being very aromatic, it also serves to purify the respiratory tract. Additionally, oregano tea is effective in treating a very common blemish, cellulite, as it drains excess fluids from the body, which are the main culprits of annoying orange peel skin. If you wish, you can also take a bath by infusing a few handfuls of dried oregano in the tub: it helps to relax and unwind, and relieves physical fatigue. Another aspect recently discovered in oregano is that it could also have antitumor properties, in particular, it would help fight against prostate cancer, since it destroys diseased cells.

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