Outdoor cabinets – Tips for my vegetable garden


Outdoor cabinets: orderly and functional outdoor spaces

The outdoor space is a pleasant space to live in well used: the tools and materials necessary for the maintenance of terraces, gardens and balconies are numerous, so the use of outdoor cabinets to store everything you need becomes essential. Outdoor cabinets are valuable allies both in the case of large spaces and small terraces or balconies: today there are many items on the market in different materials, colors, finishes and sizes. First of all, you have to make a precise choice according to the space available, then identify your needs and, finally, focus on the choice of outdoor cabinets also from an aesthetic and design point of view. The most used materials for outdoor cabinets are metal,

Outdoor cabinet: the choice of material

Is the space to be refurbished covered, semi-covered or exposed to atmospheric agents? This is the first question to ask before facing the choice between all the outdoor cabinets on the market today. Among the different proposals, plastic, metal and wood are undoubtedly the most used materials in the production of outdoor cabinets due to their strength and resistance. A space devoid of protection against atmospheric agents such as wind, rain or ultraviolet rays is undoubtedly more suitable for the use of a plastic cabinet due to the exceptional capacity of this material to resist wear. Metal and wood are more suitable for semi-covered spaces because they are still robust but certainly more delicate materials: these are particularly sensitive to wear and tear caused by humidity (for example, the metal tends to rust) and by exposure to the sun (the wood can discolor). Plastic does not require any type of preventive and/or improving treatment and it is sufficient to clean it with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust, while wood and wood must be treated frequently with polishes and antioxidants.

Color and design for outdoor cabinets

Outdoor cabinets, in addition to being a practical help for storing everything, are today real stylish solutions for decorating terraces, gardens and balconies. Ya sea que elija soluciones en plastic, metal o madera, las variants y acabados de los armarios de exterior available en el mercado hoy en día son realmente infinitas: la elección se puede hacer tanto en función de la funcionalidad como del estilo que dsee dar al outdoor space. . Wood certainly lends itself to furnishing and organizing large country spaces due to its more country style, while metal and plastic are more versatile materials and also suitable for the “city” and small outdoor spaces such as balconies and terraces. There really are many solutions to choose from for your outdoor wardrobe: The classic green color of garden furniture has now been incorporated into more sophisticated colors such as sand and chocolate brown, which blend well with more modern spaces. Of course, wood can be purchased in a natural color and ‘rough’ finish, then painted to your liking to match any existing furniture.

Large or small, covered or uncovered, outdoor spaces always need to be tidy: outdoor cabinets are an excellent solution given the many possibilities to choose from. On the market there are products in kits to be assembled in a few simple steps of small dimensions, suitable for example to be placed with a single window, and real structures almost similar to small houses. The first precaution to take when choosing an outdoor cabinet is to identify where to place it and the maximum dimensions to identify the right size: there are cabinets that grow in height organized with more shelves or even lower solutions. sometimes they can also be used as seats. Depending on the use made of it, you can opt for exterior cabinets divided into shelves or free interior cabinets to store larger objects such as brooms and rakes. The solutions are really multiple and sometimes modular.

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