Pea cultivation

The pea is an ideal legume to grow in the Italian climate, it is distinguished in dwarf and climbing varieties, depending on the height of growth.

The dwarf peas are earlier, in the family garden you can also think of planting the different varieties to have a greater production of vegetables.

Of all the legumes, peas are the easiest to grow due to the few diseases they suffer from.

If you want to plant peas in your garden, we recommend that you also read the article we have dedicated to what varieties of peas to plant can be helpful in choosing the best cultivar.

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Contents [Ocultar]

  • sow the peas

  • Growing and harvesting peas in the garden

  • Pea diseases and pests

  • What varieties to grow

sow the peas

Climate and soil . Peas are a plant adapted to our latitudes, it is an ideal crop to plant also in northern Italy, once the plant is harvested, it can withstand frost below 10 degrees. This vegetable, on the other hand, does not like humidity, so it is necessary to prepare the soil well with tillage that makes it drain properly and throughout the crop, care must be taken that the soil does not crust. , intervening if necessary with the hoe.

Fertilizer. Peas are not very demanding on soil and fertilizing, preparing the soil for cultivation, we recommend burying in the garden 2-3 kg of mature manure per square meter or its equivalent in granules, which once dried will be about one-tenth. The most important element for peas is phosphorus, which should not be missing.

planting period . The pea seed needs a few degrees to hatch, 7-8 degrees is enough and once hatched it resists the cold very well (even ten degrees below zero). It can be sown in October/November or between the end of February and the beginning of March. Sowing peas in the spring reduces the risk of mice attacking the seeds. Another advantage of spring cultivation is that there are fewer active diseases due to climatic reasons. It is not recommended to sow peas in pots, it is better to plant them directly in the ground. If you believe in the lunar calendar, peas should be sown on a growing moon. If you want to know more about this, read the in-depth article: planting peas.

Sixth floor . For sowing peas, it is recommended to keep a distance of 70-80 cm between rows and a few cm between one seed and another, while dwarf peas are kept at a distance of 20 cm along the row. For dwarf varieties, twigs are sufficient for support, for climbers nets are best.

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