Plant Eugenia – Tips for my garden


Origin and characteristics of Eugenia plants

The botanical name of this plant is eugenia myrtifolia and it is a species that comes from Australia. As its name suggests, the eugenia belongs to the same family as the myrtle, but unlike the latter, it does not grow spontaneously in our country. It is a bushy plant with evergreen leaves, round in shape and with a very branched and thick crown: if left to grow, it can reach five meters in height and two in width. Its leaves are oval, hard and dark green, which then turn a magnificent red in autumn with a very suggestive effect. In the upper part of the branches in spring, purple flowers appear on the petals and white on the stamens, united in panicle-shaped corollas. After the flowers, the eugenia produces small fruits with a particular, slightly acid taste,

Eugenie myrtifolia loaded with red fruits»>Uses of Eugenia Plant

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