Pond In The Garden Or Orchard. How to make a small Biolake

A pond in the garden or in an organic garden fulfills many functions. Besides its beauty and the tranquility that comes from sitting on the edge and contemplating it, seeing how an ecosystem is formed, it has the advantage that a pond in the garden or biolake helps us attract auxiliary fauna.

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This fauna, which we will let roam freely, will help us to fight against pests in our garden or our ornamental plants. We talked about all these advantages in the article on the benefits of the pool. Today we are going to focus a bit on how to do it.

There are many ways to create a pond in the garden or orchard. We can use countless resources to prepare it, from concrete to used car tires to reusing old bathtubs. Everything will depend a bit on how you want the pool, the size you want or the space you have for it.

We decided to try to use a little different elements of all these shapes that you can see in many other places using more affordable, but no less durable materials.

The first thing we need to do is to shape the pond in the garden or the biological lake. It is ideal that it has different heights so that we can put different types of pond plants and also have different temperatures to attract a variety of tenants and create different ecosystems.

In the video you can see in more detail the three heights that we have left, where frogs can breed, where we can have space to put fish and more.

how to make a pond



The materials we used to build the pond in the garden are very simple and easy to obtain. Specifically, we used 3.

  • asphalt canvas which we had other projects and reused but can replace with good padding around the perimeter of the organic remains. The function of this layer is simply to protect the plastic that we are going to put on top of any sharp edges, protruding stones or small roots that we have not managed to remove.
  • Black greenhouse plastic : This is a slightly more affordable version than the epdm (They sell it at Amazon ) which would be ideal for use in the garden pond or biological lake, as it is more durable than greenhouse plastic. It’s also more expensive and not always easy to get, but like I said, EPDM would be ideal.
  • Geotextile mesh: In this third layer we add the mesh that will serve us above all as a protector from the solar incidence in the plastic and which in this way deteriorates much less. But also, due to its composition, it will serve us above all so that the future plants that we will have in the pond have an area where they can take root and develop.


Once we have all these materials, we are ready to make our pond. Here, I cannot give you measurements or give you numbers because each pond and each garden or orchard is very different. For example mine is at different levels and so it would be different if we made the pond on flat ground.

how to make a small pond

Two fundamental things that we must take into account when making our pond are to always look for a drainage area. In the event of a heavy rainy season, provide a place to drain excess water.

On the other hand, it is important to avoid the formation of algae and rot in the pond that we seek to create shaded areas with plants and that, as far as possible, we install a pump to oxygenate the water. and move it. Anyway, I leave you the video where you can see the step by step to make your pond.

In other articles we will see other interesting things to complete our pond in the garden or orchard. For example, the aquatic plants that we can put and the function they fulfill in our biolake, such as placing the solar pump or what plants we can put around the pond or on the edge to attract auxiliary fauna.

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how to make a pond in the garden

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