Purple roses: meaning and care

Purple roses are widely used in the Catholic Church

In the rose family, purple is not a natural color. It was the man who began to cultivate this color, today making truly spectacular hybrids. Purple roses have many different meanings, They will depend on the people involved and the context.

If you want to learn more about these beautiful flowers, I recommend that you keep reading. In this article we will talk about the different meanings of purple roses and their care.


What is the meaning of purple roses?

The meaning of purple roses depends on the context and the people involved

As is often the case, flowers can convey many different things, depending on the context and the people involved. This is also the case with purple roses and their meaning. Today, this color is one of the most used when making ornamental arrangements. There is no doubt that purple roses are truly beautiful and look spectacular in any vase, garden or pot. In addition, thanks to their color, these types of roses are quite exotic, which makes them ideal for decorating both our home and our office.

Generally, purple or purple roses represent the following: Balance, hope and youth. Moreover, they convey feelings of congratulations and gratitude, in addition to wanting to support someone.

On the religious level, especially in the Catholic Church, the color purple is highly valued, as it symbolizes respect. Therefore, we can see many roses of this color in ceremonies performed for Catholic reasons. It should be noted that purple and purple tones are also closely related to the mystical, the spiritual and the deep passion. For this reason, the purple rose is also known as the “mystical rose”.

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Moreover, these flowers are related to the enchantment and magnetism that exists between two people. However, purple or purple roses do not suggest durability or permanence. Therefore, charm can be fleeting and transcendent. For this reason, it is not very advisable to give purple roses to someone we love deeply, because the message will not be clear and will not convey what we really feel. However, if we opt for certain roses whose purple is very strong, it can represent a lasting love.

When it comes to friendships, giving purple roses signifies brotherhood and gratitude. It’s no wonder then these flowers convey strength, sincere companionship and affection. They are really a very good option to give to friends. Plus, they’re favorites to give on Mother’s Day or as a 25th wedding anniversary gift.

Besides all the meanings of purple roses we have mentioned so far, it is also worth noting that they represent glory, majesty and opulence. These characteristics of these flowers are very relevant, because the color purple has also long been associated with traditional royalty.

purple rose bouquets

Generally, bouquets made of purple roses are used as an offering in certain religion-related ceremonies. However, they can also be used on other occasions, thus conveying certain hopes and feelings. It is a very good option if we want to give flowers to another person so that they are relieved if they are going through a moment of sadness or depression, because bouquets of purple roses have a comforting effect.

It is also a very good option when visiting a sick man or woman. A bouquet of purple roses is undoubtedly the most appropriate gift in this situation, for the message it conveys. It is therefore not surprising that bouquets of purple roses are also ideal in the event of a person’s death.

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With this type of bodice we will also transmit solidarity, sensitivity and understanding. They also serve to express to a person the desires we have to begin a romantic relationship with him. Taking this into account, we will show ourselves as very detailed people and if the other person is a little familiar with purple roses and their meaning, they can even understand this clue. There’s nothing left to try, is there? Of course, we must bear in mind that these precious flowers they indicate that there is a certain chemistry and attraction. However, the roses that best represent deep and passionate love are red roses.


Purple roses are quite difficult

In case we really love purple roses and their meaning, It is worth knowing what the optimal conditions are to maintain them. With the recommendations that we will comment on below, these flowers will last us a long time.

The first thing we need to know is that this type of rose is very demanding. The ideal temperature for these flowers is between 13°C and 26°C. If we are somewhere with a warm climate, it is better to wait until summer to plant purple roses. As for the lighting, direct sunlight is vital for these flowers.

Now we will talk about the soil and substrate for these vegetables. It is important that it contains all the necessary nutrients for purple roses to grow properly. It is best to use a special fertilizer for this type of flower. It is also very important to eliminate weeds and, if possible, to keep these roses away from other plants, as they could deprive them of nutrients. It should be noted that It is essential to avoid excess humidity. While it’s true that purple roses like moist soil, it shouldn’t be waterlogged. At the time of watering, care should be taken that it is in the form of rain. Otherwise, they could end up drowning.

It remains to comment on the topic of pruning. Like many other plants, it is highly recommended remove any parts of the plant that are damaged or lifeless.

We now know a little more about purple roses and their meaning. Each flower, depending on its color and appearance, can transmit different types of sensations. If you want to know more about the meaning of flowers, click here.

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