Serena Bonura’s Kindergarten

If you have a child at home and want to introduce him to the wonders of the garden, this book is for you. Gardening is a valuable educational tool, but also a fun game to play with your child. Gardening teaches patience and dedication, reconnects with nature, and appreciates the value of hard work and the satisfaction of an edible result. For all these reasons, it is interesting to garden with children and Serena Bonura explains how, in this manual published by Terra Nuova Edizioni.

The clarity of the book in the explanation of cultivation techniques allows not only the child but also the adult (whether parent, educator or teacher) to rediscover themselves as passionate horticulturists. Associations, natural remedies for adversity, planting calendars are discussed, with abundant use of pictures, diagrams and tables in the appendix. Therefore, the manual is also very practical to have at hand during activities. What’s wonderful is that we’re not just talking about the garden, but we’re also talking about organic, with plenty of room for permaculture and synergistic agriculture.

personalized story

Would you like a personalized story for your little gardener?

In my story you can have a personalized story that the little ones will never forget. Teach them from an early age to take care of the planet.

Imaginative and fun activities to do with children, which revolve around the world of the garden: culture in bottles, creative recycling, olfactory workshops and many other ideas to involve children. Many proposals do not have to be made on land and are suitable for a balcony or a simple windowsill: anyone can grow in a pot or in the garden.

This book is very useful for introducing children to organic farming and we recommend it to all parents but also and above all to teachers and educators who wish to create an educational garden to bring this wonderful educational tool to schools.

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